We were so excited this week to interview Pippa Vosper, fashion stylist and brand consultant. A contributor to UK Harper’s Bazaar and American Vogue amongst many others, Pippa is the go-to girl for advice and quotes on fashion, lifestyle and fitness features. Pippa is married and has one son, Astor. We love Pippa’s blog ‘Maternally Chic‘, which commanded a huge following. 

You’ve worked as a stylist, and in fashion for many years, was this always the path you wanted to follow?

I always had an interest in fashion and when looking back at images of me from childhood, I can see that outfits I had selected myself had certainly been considered. My original path was that of a journalist, but chance meetings and circumstances led me to the heady world of fashion.

What age did you get into fashion and who inspired you?

It was only when I became PA to one of the original supermodels that fashion truly took hold, I was in my early 20’s and being surrounded by couture and fashion shoots on a daily basis had me hooked thereafter. My friendship with Edward Enninful was the true catalyst for my foray into the fashion world; I shall never forget visiting him on the set of an i-D magazine cover shoot with Kate Moss and knowing that was where I wanted to be.

We loved following your Maternally Chic blog, what tips would you give to pregnant women wanting to look gorgeous on a night out?

I cannot recommend a strapless floor length empire line dress highly enough! I found nothing more comfortable or elegant for an evening event; worn with statement jewellery and sparkling flats, this was the only shape that worked, particularly during the later stages of my pregnancy. 

You must have great fun dressing your son, what are your favourite brands?

Far too much fun! Bonpoint, Marie-Chantal and Ralph Lauren are all brands that fill his closets. I love the chic, classic cuts from Marie-Chantal, the cute cuts from Bonpoint and the preppy looks from Ralph Lauren.

What’s the one baby product you couldn’t live without?

Bloom & Blossom Mother & Baby Oil; I used this while pregnant to avoid stretch marks and almost two years later, I am still using this oil on both myself and my son (and many other products from this wonderful brand)

You always look totally gorgeous, what’s your staple look for daytime?

I dress somewhere between French and Italian style…an ankle skimming light wash jean, cashmere sweater, Chanel jacket and a Tod’s driving shoe with an adventurous print.

You recently got married; tell us about that dress!

It seems like so long ago already, but it has only been a week! I always knew I wanted to get married in Giambattista Valli and remember seeing the most perfect dress from his Spring 2013 couture collection on the runway. The dress itself had a chic, understated silhouette, but the gentle detailing covering the fabric entirely made it so very special.

What’s on your to-do list this week?

Well, in the same week as the wedding, we completed the purchase on our new house, so it shall be a lot of speaking with builders I imagine! I do have to complete my book (a promise I made to myself for when the wedding was over) so shall be spending as much time as possible writing – and then there are 3 features I am working on for a magazine. There really is never a quiet moment… 

What’s been your favourite fashion moment to-date?

Apart from my wedding, it would have to be the most fun week in LA during the Oscars, attending spectacular parties and seeing the most glamourous creatures imaginable in the most striking couture dresses imaginable. That week would take a lot to rival.

How would you sum yourself up in one sentence?

Unbelievably hardworking and driven and a deeply loving mother and wife.