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Binky On Life As A New Mama, Made In Chelsea And Starting Her New Business

What’s it like having a new baby and starting a new business at the same time?

The conception of bloss came about whilst I was pregnant with Wolfie so my amazing business partner, Steph Desmond (who’s third baby is due in July!), and I have been busy building and preparing for the launch for six months now.

It’s been hectic at times but Steph is a pro at start-up life, having launched Uber in UK so I know it’s in safe hands! Not forgetting our experts who have been super supportive. We’re also so lucky to have a team made up of women by our sides helping share the tasks, who are used to seeing me on Zoom calls whilst breastfeeding and juggling family life during this fourth trimester!

Tell us more about this new chapter in your life….

It feels incredible to have launched a business that I can see really helping so many parents, want-to-be parents and carers out there. When I was pregnant with India I didn’t know where to turn to for advice and often found myself getting lost on google, sifting through old or conflicting advice from other mums.

Even now, having an age gap of four years between babies, you don’t realise how much you forget – I’m also discovering that every baby is completely different so bloss has and will continue to offer me so much support!  You can book virtual and in-person appointments with experts, watch free videos, download educational resources, chat with the community or shop so there’s a bit of everything for everyone across categories including TTC, pregnancy, parenting from baby to teenager, wellbeing, style, even legal and financial advice.

The mummy juggle: how do you do it?

I’m especially busy at the moment with birthdays, wedding dress shopping and of course bloss! But not having a traditional 9 – 5 means I can juggle lots of balls and I’m lucky that Max is working from home so he can be hands on when I need him to be, especially after I’ve had a long night with Wolfie!

Is India a good big sister?

Having an age gap of four years means India is an amazing big sister and really understands. So far, no sibling jealously! We’ve tried to keep her routine the same, I still do nursery drop-offs and pick-ups and having a summer baby means being able to be outside in the garden more, in the paddling pool and BBQs so we’re all enjoying the sunshine baby bubble together (sore boobs and sleep deprivation aside!)

Do you still stay in touch with friends from Made in Chelsea?

I’m still really close with a few friends from the show which is brilliant. It’s so funny and exciting that we’re all growing up together and starting these new chapters now.

What’s your real name?

Alexandra! Binky is a nickname I was given when I was a baby and has stuck ever since!

How did you meet Max?

We met at a 30th birthday party at Soho Farmhouse. I was ordering a round of Picante’s at the bar and he came up and started talking to me. I responded by saying “I’m a mum!” expecting him to run away….

What’s your favourite thing to eat during the summer months?

My famous paella! I cook it on the bbq in a paella pan with lots of spices and fish.

If you could go on holiday now, where would you go?

The Seychelles – I’ve never been and always wanted to go. It’s on the list as a possible honeymoon destination (depending on travel restrictions!).

How would you sum yourself up in one sentence?

I work hard, love my family and have a lot of fun in-between. My friends would say I never take myself too seriously!

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