Leonora’s daughter and her friend interviewed KIDZ BOP this week, to celebrate the release of their new album. ‘KIDZ BOP Ultimate Playlist’ is packed full of today’s biggest pop hits sung by kids for kids! The all-new album from the #1 kids music brand features “STAY,” “Bad Habits,” “Beggin’” and many more of the songs kids love that parents can feel good about.

From the living room to centre stage and everywhere in between, ‘KIDZ BOP Ultimate Playlist’ is the perfect soundtrack for family fun! ‘KIDZ BOP Ultimate Playlist’ is out globally on January 21, 2022.

What makes you SAD?

Tafari – when people try to make you feel down or make you feel small. Also when I’m hungry.

Sadie – Bullies. I hate it when people get bullied.

Toby – If people make fun of me, it won’t make stop what I’m doing but it makes me sad.

Chanel – I try not to focus on the negative and always turn things around.

What makes you MAD?

Tafari – When you’re in a conversation and someone interrupts you.

Sadie – I get angry when my siblings annoy me. I have lots.

Toby – I don’t get angry a lot.

Chanel – Spiders make me mad, they are so scary. I hate even looking at images if spiders.

What makes you GLAD?

Tafari – Eating, spending time with my Kidzbop friends, positivity.

Sadie – Singing, dancing, spending time with family and Kidzbop.

Toby – Performing with friends. MacDonalds getting my order right.

Chanel – Spending time with family and my Kidzbop family. Also shopping and singing.

What song have you not covered yet that you want to?

  • Go easy on me – Adele
  • One dance – Drake

‘KIDZ BOP Ultimate Playlist’ is available on all streaming platforms and available to purchase at HMV, Morrisons, Asda, Tesco, and Amazon.

Listen or purchase ‘KIDZ BOP Ultimate Playlist’ album here.

KIDZ BOP Ultimate Playlist tracklist

  1. STAY
  2. Bad Habits
  3. Beggin’
  4. Dance Monkey
  5. Remember
  6. Shivers
  7. Rather Be
  8. Blinding Lights
  9. Kings & Queens
  10. Take My Breath
  11. Summer Of Love
  12. Rumors
  13. Cake By The Ocean
  14. Happy
  15. Giant
  16. Love Again
  17. Paradise
  18. Tears
  19. Thunder
  20. Leave Before You Love Me
  21. Thinking Out Loud
  22. KIDZ BOP Shuffle



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