Louis-James Davis, CEO VST Enterprises

Louis-James Davis, CEO VST Enterprises

What inspired you to develop the KMS Wristband child tracker?

I was working on payment, identity, access and gaming technology from the wrist using VST Enterprises product VCode.

My KMS Solutions business partner Chris Etchells introduced me to wearable (House-Bound) technology in the Vulnerable adults sector.

Both being Fathers we jointly decided to adapt something for use with Children.

Tell us a bit about the product, how does it work?

The KMS Wristband is an emergency communications device. The device’s internals are made up of GSM and Assisted GPS making this the worlds smallest mobile phone.

If a child or vulnerable adult is scared or lost, they simply press the only button on the device that simultaneously calls 5 pre-designated carers (Until one answers).

Once the device is in the call system, the device cannot terminate the call.

If it is the carer that is worried about the wristband user, they can simply call the wristband (that only accepts a calls from the pre-designated carers), the wristband user does not have a choice to terminate or answer the incoming call, the device makes a sound and automatically answers to the carer.

At all times, the wristband cannot terminate a call connected to the loop system.

We have a bespoke app that is available on all smart-devices, desktop and laptops that allows you to view where your child is at all times and set geo-routes (places where your child can and can’t go). If your child steps foot outside of one of these routes, the device simply makes an alarm sound and automatically calls the loop system.

VCode for Identity

The revolutionary, patented 2D barcode system has many uses although it’s primary use for the KMS Wristband is Identity Scanning. Anybody with the VCode app can get the ‘top level’ emergency contact and allergy information for the wristband wearer (The parent is notified Who, When and Where the wristband was scanned).

Due to the codes complexity, it allows multi-level access, this means an Emergency services employee can scan the users code and get more in depth medical history for the wearer.

As another case of multi-level access, a person using the KMS Wristband app can scan a childs wristband and request temporary or permanent access to the carer network.

How heavy is it, and is it child friendly enough for kids to want to wear it, and understand how they should work it?

The wristband is currently going under further miniaturisation and we could see the weights dramatically decrease by late April (To date, the prototype was weighing 60g).

As there is only one button on the device, it is easy to educate a child how to use it.

What sets you aside from other products currently on the market? 

There are no other Emergency Communications devices this miniaturised in the market (Especially with a primary focus on children and vulnerable adults).

There are however products being pitched as mobile phones and smart watches which are more complex and either need Bluetooth headsets or another phone to link to.

When will the wristbands be available, how much will they set parents back, and most importantly – what colours will they come in?!

You will start to see the devices in the market around September, they will come in various colours and may be customisable.

The retail price of the product will be set by the network providers at a later date.

Louis Davis KMS Wristband Child Tracker

KMS Wristband Child Tracker