Watson is one of the world’s most influential stylists for this generation as well as founding of her own brand Caroline Watson London, a range of cool, reusable, zip away bags called ‘The Denny’. Caroline has previously styled teen favourites One Direction and has worked on everything from iconic magazine covers, album shoots, videos, commercials, tours, film, TV and award shows. Some of Watson’s greatest influences come from living a bi-coastal life between London and Los Angeles. It was great to catch up with Caroline between her hectic schedule and have a pick at her creative genius. We hope you enjoy! 

What are your five top tips for new mamas when it comes to fashion?

  1.  Comfort is key  – cool trainers, loafers or brogues work well with any outfit
  2. A lovely tailored coat works well for coverage
  3. A good colour lippy
  4. Keep it simple: skinny jeans, leggings and classic shirts,  jumpers, t-shirts and scarfs all work well
  5. Carrying my Denny bag from the Caroline Watson London range – it’s great for chucking in all things for the baby and yourself and folds away nicely too!

What’s in your make-up bag?

I always carry my red mac lipstick with me because I think the colour brings out any outfit. If you’re just out and about in the day then decide to continue into the evening red lipstick is all you need to dress it up. I also always keep my YSL mascara and Diptyque perfume with me, the essentials!

What’s your staple outfit for the summer sunshine?

I recently made an absolute steal in Zara with my new oversized denim dress. It has great front pockets that add a simple but fun element and I pair it with my reebok classics either white or black (I like to change it up!) and of course my red Denny bag to throw everything in.

Where do you go in London for a) fun b) food c) culture?

a) My daughter Brooklyn loves to be outside and anywhere with a playground, but a personal favourite is the beach near where we live,  great for long walks and chilling out.

b) I’m quite a foodie so like to try different places all the time but one of my favourite places to go to is Pizza East in Shoreditch. Their Mac and cheese is the best!

c) When I’m up in town I usually take a stroll through Notting Hill. It’s beautiful and has a real buzz about it with lots of different walks of life and the best vintage shops.

Tell us about your new bag collection, what inspired you to get involved in making these?

As a celebrity stylist and mum, I shop and travel constantly and found that I was always in need of a spare bag. I wanted something compact to carry when not full but large enough for those moments when I needed to carry everything but the kitchen sink! So, I created The Denny. I made the bags in a range of colours so it can complement lots of outfits and you can chop and change.

For our daddy readers out there, what are your five top tips for new daddies when it comes to fashion?

  1. Comfort
  2. Practical
  3. A large selection of solid coloured tshirts
  4. Opt for darker colours in case of baby spillages
  5. Daddies you are going to be lot more active then you were before, you will be changing nappies picking stuff up off the floor and so on, so no more uber-tight skinny jeans!

What are your top three favourite Instagram accounts?

  1. Pandora Sykes
  2. Mothers Meeting
  3. House Inhabit

Share with us your favourite family recipe.

I love hearty food. My favourite family recipe is my mum’s Jamaican curry chicken – washed down with some good old fashioned Jamaican rum punch!

What’s in the pipeline for you next?

I love my styling job so I don’t think I will be moving away from that for a while. I am also loving putting lots of my energy into the bags and developing Caroline Watson London – I have a few exciting new items to add to the range that I can’t wait to share with everyone!

How would you sum yourself up in one sentence?

Dedicated, loving and a hard worker.