Weaning with Spices – Tip 2

When I decided to introduce spices into my little one’s diet I did wonder about the best method to use when doing this. If I was to include two or three spices in one of her meals, how would I know which one she was allergic to if she reacted to any of them? Thankfully this wasn’t an issue as my little one isn’t allergic to anything (that I am aware of), but at the time there was no way of knowing this. So being a first-time mum, I decided to tread with caution and I think all parents should do the same – it’s better to be safe than sorry!

I chose to follow the ‘four-day-rule’ when introducing aromatic spices into my little one’s diet which I’m sure you’ve read all about when you first started looking into weaning! If by some tiny chance you don’t know what the ‘four-day-rule’ is, simply introduce a spice cooked within food and serve to your little one; then wait four days before introducing another one.

Some parents however, prefer not to do this and dive straight in, but it is necessary as this process will help you eliminate potential spices your little one may have an allergy to. That said, aromatic spices are from natural sources so allergic reactions are pretty uncommon.

Nevertheless it is important to keep an eye out for the following symptoms when
introducing a new spice (or spices) into your bubba’s diet:

  • tummy upsets
  • skin rashes
  • swelling of the lips and face
  • runny and blocked noses
  • sneezing
  • itchy watery eyes
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • diarrhoea

Please be particularly cautious if you have a family history of allergies to specific spices.

If in doubt, consult your GP or Health Visitor.

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