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Introducing The Foldaway Bumpermat: The Multi-functional Padded Playpen

There are so many reasons why I love the Foldaway Bumpermat – firstly, it looks beautiful. The Bumpermat’s pastel colours are a refreshing change to the bold mismatch of colours usually associated with baby kit. I don’t know about you, but in our house, there’s so much bright and bold baby paraphernalia plastered all over the place, it’s starting to hurt my eyes.

The versatile Bumpermat is made up of cushioned mats that zip together to make a variety of combinations for playtime. Most importantly, all four sides zip up to contain your little one very happily in a padded playpen, for those times you have to stick the washing on, nip to the loo, make a cuppa, or even when you’re hoovering around it.

The Bumpermat is perfect for so many developmental milestones. My daughter is now 8-months-old and is all of a sudden very keen on climbing up the side of the playpen. When all four sides are zipped up, it’s very sturdy, making it the perfect environment for standing practice. It’s a spacious playpen that allows your baby to enjoy tummy time in a safe environment. Your baby will have fun learning to roll without the risk of bumping their head. Maddie likes to do multiple rolls as she can’t yet crawl, and before the Bumpermat, was forever rolling off her regular playmat onto the floor, despite those strategically placed cushions and strategically placed parents poised to catch her. Now, she can roll to her heart’s content and very frequently does – while I’m putting the kettle on, hoovering, and squeezing in a quick loo-stop. Winning.

The Bumpermat is made free from harmful chemicals, and can be easily wiped clean – which is music to any parent’s ears! The Bumpermat is easily foldable for neat storage, but we love this playpen so much it’ll probably be a permanent fixture in our home for the next couple of years!

The first thing I did when my Bumpermat arrived was buy 600 balls to turn my playpen into a ball pit – maximum fun for parents and baby alike. It’s a fantastic bump-free space to spend time with your baby, and there are so many combinations of the Bumpermat you’ll both enjoy – why not try some baby and parent yoga if that’s your thing? What’s really interesting is that the playmat can be used as a travel cot or a sleepover mattress for when your little ones get bigger, and their little playmates are exhausted after a long day filled with ball pit fun!

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