We’re always researching the latest fitness crazes, especially when it comes to post-natal. The concept of Rebounding and its promise of being the secret weapon to bladder control, intrigued me. I’ll leave you with James Winfield, the master trainer at Rebound UK, to tell you a bit more about this low-impact weight bearing exercise that’s meant to be so good for new mums. 

What is rebounding?

A gentle re-introduction to exercising, rebounding is a fun, safe and highly effective way to not only lose the baby pounds but tone up and feel fantastic. It’s also the secret weapon to bladder control!

A cardiovascular workout, it’s performed on a non-slip, mini trampoline utilising aerobic moves, strength and conditioning exercises and core stabilisation techniques.

Sessions typically last 20 – 45 minutes and can be performed to high energy music with motivating instructors. It’s all about the downward push through the balls of the feet, knees soft, and bending forward slightly at the hip, then a small jump, no more than 6 inches high.  This creates gravitational pull which is at the heart of what makes rebounding work.  At the bottom of the bounce our exercise body weight can be up to 3.24 times heavier than normal whilst at the top we are weightless.

This constant change in gravitational pressure works every single cell in the body, including internal organs, muscles and skin; making rebounding the most effective all-over body workout ever. Just 30 minutes per day could help you lose one stone in 3 – 4 weeks!  Due to the low impact nature of rebound exercise, it is safe and effective to do on a daily basis without over training your body and draining your energy levels like higher impact activities.

Finding your fit

The beauty of rebounding is that we can each work as hard as we like, simply by pushing harder on each bounce on the mini trampoline or easing off. The mini trampoline absorbs 87% of each bounce placing minimal stress on the body. This is extra important soon after giving birth as the effects of the hormone ‘relaxin’ can linger post-pregnancy. Relaxin softens the body’s ligaments and muscles in preparation for birth, but it can leave women vulnerable to injury and although it ceases once your baby arrives, the effects can remain for up to five months.

The repeated pushing and jumping motion encourages efficient blood supply around the body, draining away toxins stored in our fat cells. It also encourages a change in body shape as it tones and tightens muscles and skin.  Bouncing on an unstable surface provides a constant balance challenge leading to the involuntary contractions of the deep core muscles. These are responsible for giving you a flatter tummy. You’ll improve your posture and reduce any back pain you might experience from lifting or caring for your little ones as the deep stabilising muscles of the spine are gently engaged during rebounding, helping to support the lower back.

Training those all-important pelvic floors

Having a baby can often affect new mums’ bladder control and many can feel quite embarrassed by the situation. Exercise can therefore be the last thing on your mind; in fact rebounding works wonders for the weakened sphincter muscle. The sphincter on the bladder is an annular (circular in shape) muscle which, through opening and closing, controls the flow of urine out of the body. Pregnancy and birth can weaken the sphincter muscles of the bladder and the bladder lining; they can lose strength, elasticity and their original shape.

Through low impact exercise strength can be regained; it might not come straight away, but it will develop over a short period time. Rebounding will exert a force on the cell walls of the bladder encouraging it to become more elastic and durable resulting in a more comfortable, healthier and freer lifestyle.

Exercising in comfort

Low impact, weight bearing exercises can be performed in the comfort of our front rooms, making getting back into shape much more convenient and an easier commitment to schedule into your new lifestyle.

Many new mums use the rebounder while their little ones are having breakfast or sleeping. Beth, 26, says: “Shortly after I gave birth to Amelie I was keen to regain my fitness and the rebounder seemed like a lot of fun. I used it in my front room while Amelie slept and it was amazing how quickly I began to lose the pounds with just a few short workouts a week.”

Time is precious as a new mum and the thought of having to travel to the gym can be quite daunting. Beth adds: “Being able to workout in my front room rather than at the gym is brilliant. Now that Amelie is slightly older I can rebound while she is playing in her bouncer! The DVDs that I follow are great fun – I do squats, lunges, pushes, pulls, twists, high knees and fast feet. The 20 minutes or so are gone before I know it. I try to use the resistance bands and sand weights as much as possible too, to test myself a little more and build my strength. During my pregnancy I suffered with back pain, but since starting my rebounding I have noticed such an improvement. Knowing that I’ll be stronger going back to work as a staff nurse in January is a huge motivator to jump on and rebound as much as I can!”


It’s important to remember that every new mum’s recovery will be different so assess your energy levels. If you overdo it, you might experience fatigue and therefore take longer to recover from exercise. It can take up to 12 months to return to your pre-baby shape so be sure to set realistic goals and take part in exercise that you enjoy. Remember this is mummy me-time; exercise will release those ‘feel good’ endorphins and you’re guaranteed to come away smiling!

The MaXimus Pro Rebounder is the perfect home equipment for busy mums including a stability bar, resistance bands, sand weights and compilation DVD for all abilities.


To find out more, visit www.rebound-uk.com


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