The team behind SwimFin, the world’s only vertical buoyancy aid, are excitedly gearing up for the Summer months! SwimFin is the truly innovative swimming accessory that has taken pools across the globe by storm.

Summer holidays are filled with children having fun splashing in the sea or the pool, but safety is key, especially  as little ones learn to swim and gain confidence in the water. Wearing a SwimFin is the modern alternative to the  traditional bulky armbands and rubber rings. Not only are they a lot of fun, the SwimFin’s unique design gives children the freedom to move their arms and legs about without any restrictions, allowing them to tackle all four strokes from their first dip!   

SwinFins are worn on the back and cleverly work in harmony with the body to provide a more natural position in the water, that supports balance. A SwimFin will never slip off, and they won’t tip a child forward or back either so little ones will enjoy thier new found stability.  They can be used from as young as two years old to nurture little ones from their very first swim and, thanks to their adjustbale straps, the SwimFin can be used for years and years .

It won’t be a struggle to get children wearing a SwimFin either as they will adore being ‘little sharks’. They’ll instantly gain confidence, who wouldn’t being a shark…and parents can relax safe in the knowledge that their kids are completely safe in the water. Parents won’t have any trouble spotting their little fish as the fins are pretty distinctive! Children can even pick from six fun colours each with its own fishy name!

Swimming teachers and parents across the world love using SwimFin and tests have actually proven that children who start swimming with a fin learn much faster than those who use other floatation aids. Once little ones have mastered swimming, they can also use the SwimFin to aid swimming underwater, perfect stroke technique and also  for those who want try their hand at snorkelling but not stray too far from the water’s surface!

Sales and Marketing Manager for the UK, Emma Gibson commented ‘Summer is the ideal time to introduce youngsters to the water, and SwimFin makes it a whole lot of fun too. Children adore pretending to be sharks, and parents love it too as everyone can have an enjoyable, safe experience  in the water. Learning to swim is a life skill and we hope SwimFin helps everyone wanting to learn or improve their abilities in the water’.

She added: ‘SwimFin has even been tested by a 16 stone adult – so  Dad won’t miss out!’