Jane Knight is a Specialist Fertility Nurse (and midwife) with 30 years experience in NHS general practice in Oxford supporting couples planning pregnancy.  She has been with the Zita West team since the clinic was set up in 2002. Jane sees couples for initial consultations and fertility awareness.

She has spent much of her time in the NHS specialising in fertility awareness and training health professionals in the UK and internationally.  Jane was the UK Principal Investigator in a European study on the probability of conception on different days of the menstrual cycle.  Jane also has almost 20 years experience as a fertility counsellor.

The ‘excellent Jane Knight’ [Daily Telegraph magazine April 4 2009] offers support counselling for couples at all stages of pregnancy planning through IVF and beyond. She also provides specialised implications counselling for couples requiring egg or sperm donation and for surrogacy arrangements.  As a fertility counsellor, she supports women, men and couples with fertility and relationship concerns and helps couples to come to terms with ending treatment and moving on with their lives.  Jane is also a trained hypnotherapist and uses this alongside fertility counselling.