• Parents reveal that sex stops after 3 children 
  • Top concerns of new mums revealed in survey
  • Body confidence, getting sleep, sex and pelvic floor problems are key issues

TV fitness coach Jane Wake and Mother Nurture from Kegel8 are on-hand to help strengthen and tone pelvic floor muscles for more control and  better sex

New research by leading women’s intimate health company, Kegel8, reveals sex stops for 1 in 4 couples, after having a baby, and only 13% surveyed feel their sex life has remained the same as before the baby’s birth.  New parents revealed that sex became the ‘elephant in the room’ with 1 in 5 men expressing difficulties initiating sex with their partner, and 44% of women feeling nervous about having sex for the first time after a baby.  New mums were concerned about pain and soreness during sex (38%) for the first time after birth, and over a third were worried that sex may not be as enjoyable as before.

“Having sex for the first time after having a baby can be a difficult conversation for many couples,” says Jane Wake, TV exercise coach – expert in pre and post natal fitness. “Dads don’t want to put pressure on their partners, and new mums may not feel ready yet.  So it’s good to communicate with each other and be open about your needs, worries and anxieties!”

Baby’s health and happiness was top priority for new mums, but key worries included getting enough sleep and regaining body confidence.  A quarter of new mums were concerned about toning their pelvic floor to avoid leaks – but 1 in 5 women thought pelvic floor exercises just didn’t work for them.  Kegel8 has evidence to suggest that 50% of women in the UK don’t know how to produce an effective pelvic floor muscle contraction, and may actually be working the larger muscles in error; putting additional pressure on the abdomen.  It’s no surprise that 63% of new mums want to know more about pelvic floor muscle exercises, and believe more information is needed.

To help expectant and new mums gain confidence and control, Kegel8 has launched a revolutionary new product – Mother Nurture Pelvic Floor Toner, a 3 in 1 electronic Pelvic Floor Toner and Labour TENS featuring a unique combination of pre-set programmes to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles before pregnancy, and re-build muscle strength after birth.  Even if manual Kegel exercises are done correctly, they target just 40% of the muscle group you need to work – an electronic pelvic floor toner can reach 90%! The Labour Tens also provides natural pain relief during labour by sending a gentle electric current through the body, helping to stimulate the release of endorphins.

Dedicated to helping new mums, Kegel8 has teamed up with TV exercise coach and expert in pre and post natal health and fitness, Jane Wake, to create Kegel8Mum – an easy to follow guide to help build core muscle strength and stability through a range of simple exercises.

“During pregnancy, our bodies go through a massive transition.  Hormonal changes can loosen your pelvic floor muscles, which, as the growing baby presses on the bladder, can lead to weakened control, and potential leaks.  The good news is there are many kegel exercises you can do before and during pregnancy to build core muscle strength and prepare for childbirth. Getting fit ‘down there’ can tighten and lift your pelvic floor meaning better bladder control and an easier birth – not to mention increased sensation during sex.”

To download Jane Wake’s FREE & exclusive guide to Getting Your Pelvic Floor Fit, visit www.kegel8.co.uk/mothernurture