It’s Mother’s Day! To celebrate, Ellie and Jamie went along to Window to the Womb in Chessington for their 28 week 4D baby scan. With lots of great packages available, and now baby scanning at 6/7 weeks pregnant, this is one company going from strength to strength.

Window to the Womb provide you with more than just a regular hospital scan, they take time to get some great images for you to choose from, and send you home with countless print-outs all included in the price. They’ve even got a new nifty app to send you the photos digitally, which also includes an additional video of your scan. There are some fabulous packages for all stages of pregnancy, all for very reasonable prices. It’s definitely worth a trip – and what’s more – they have branches popping up all over the place, so give them a google in a location near you.

Ellie’s rock star dungarees are from Mamalicious, skinny jean fit, they look fab with heels (if you can bear them!) or trainers. Fabulously comfy, and all-over flattering.