Christmas is all about the sparkle, the magic, having a tree in your living room… It’s the one time of year you can fill your house with gold tinsel, cover everything in glitter and tell everyone you’re doing retro chic!

Here are a few suggestions to bring some festive bling and fun to your Christmas occasions, giving you more time in the kitchen ‘preparing food’ (having a drink and singing carols to yourself). Be smug and know you have a happy, entertained family. Make your children’s christmas an even more memorable one.

Glitter ice cubes
Add some sparkle to your drinks. Fill an ice cube tray (not quite to the top) with water and freeze. Remove your tray from the freezer and sprinkle over pretty coloured edible glitter (don’t add any more water). Re-freeze until the glitter has adhered to the ice and add to sparkling water (or champagne for grown ups) and – voila! – instant Christmas in a glass.

photo 3 photo 1

Christmas Eve table
Make the night before Christmas even more special with a little place to eat just for the children. Set up a mini table just for them, use a roll of kraft paper for the tablecloth and draw on place settings and a checklist for Christmas Eve: Put out stocking, leave food out for Rudolph, etc (whatever your family tradition are). Choose christmassy gold or silver paper plates and gold plastic cutlery, to save on washing up, tied with pretty glittery twine to add a touch of sophistication. Fill pretty pots with crayons so they can draw away on the table, and add some little party bags for early Christmas gifts (and a quiet five minutes). Plenty of balloons, confetti, snow globes, pipe cleaner crowns (CHOCOLATE COINS) and sparkle will put them in the festive mood.



Snow globes
Find a nice (air-tight) jar with a lid, paint your lid a Christmassy colour in oil-based enamel. Attach your chosen figure to the inside of the lid with clear-drying glue and let it set. Fill your jar almost to the top with water, add a pinch of glitter and a dash of glycerine (the magic ingredient to make the glitter drop more slowly). Don’t add too much or the glitter will stick to the lid. Screw on your lid tightly, turn your jar over and let the glitter fall gently.

snow globe bits



snow globe
However you celebrate, bring out the tinsel, throw around the confetti and have a very merry Christmas.

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By Sarah, The Jelly Rabbit