We were thrilled to interview the talented and beautiful Jemma Kidd this week. Fashion model, make-up artist and now clothes designer of high-end lounge wear, Jemma lives in Hampshire with her husband and three children. 

You’ve been a fashion model, a make-up artist and dressage rider, and recently you’ve launched a collection of sleepwear/loungewear. Tell us a bit about your latest business venture, and what inspires you in your work?

Being creative is my passion, Make-up was exactly that, working with people and colour. My new project is JemmaLondon a luxury silk pyjama collection. It’s high-end lounge wear that you can entertain at home in as well as sleep in. It’s a small fun project I can do while being a mum to three kids – that’s my first job and the most important one.

You’re a mum to three children, including twins. What advice would you give to expectant mums, especially those out there with twins on the way?

I had to have a good routine with the twins for it to run smoothly. The first three years are the hardest, twins are such a blessing, it’s magical to see the bond they create. Three children under five is the most exhausting and fulfilling job, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Tell us a bit about your beauty regime and what five make-up products you’d recommend to busy new mums.

Hydration is so important for new mums, your skin needs it to look good. I drink about two litres a day, if I don’t I notice fine lines around my eyes appear and a dullness to my skin. The products I love to use are:

  • Sunday Riley juno face oil (pm)
  • DMK herb & mineral moisture spray
  • DMK SEBA -E hydrating oil (am)
  • Dermaquest stem cell rebuilding complex
  • MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Cleanser
  • La Roche-Posay spf30 complete correction cream

How much pressure is there on new mums to get back in shape, and what are your top tips for doing so sensibly?

Huge pressure. After the twins I put weight on breastfeeding, it took months to come off, it wasn’t until a year after they were born I felt ready to go on a strict diet, With my seven month old son, I was more careful with what I ate, I started pilates at 12 weeks and I do it twice a week. Dieting and breasting feeding to me is too tough, some people can do it, I cant. I just eat super sensibly, lots of protein, vegetables and exercise, I’m nearly at my pre baby weight after seven months. My tip is don’t over eat, listen to your body and exercise, even if it’s taking the baby for a walk in the pram – just walk faster and up hills!

How has motherhood changed you and what’s your favourite part of being a mother?

It’s changed me so much, I’m not the most important person in my life anymore, my children are. I have a responsibility to give my children the best possible start. It makes you a better person, more empathy to others. I adore seeing my children grow and develop.

Where are your favourite family friendly places to go for fun, food and a bit of culture?

We love the Wellington Farm Shop for lunches, Wellington Country Park for some adventure. The local pub The Leather Bottle do wonderful kids’ meals which my twins adore. In London we go to Granger in Notting Hill for brunch, the V&A and the Science Museum are always fun and interesting. Lucky 7 on Westbourne park road is a favourite for a naughty Oreo milkshake.

Share with us your favourite family recipe.

Guacamole – we eat it with everything.

3 avocados, 2 tomatoes, 2 cloves of garlic, lime, salt (coriander and chilli added after the children eat it). Mash the avocados and add the juice of one lime. Chop the tomatoes into small bits with the crushed garlic and salt. I like to blanche the tomatoes before to remove the skin and pips. Mix it all together and season. If you want a little kick add some fresh chilli and coriander. You can eat it with almost everything and the kids LOVE it.

What’s the one baby product you couldn’t have lived without?

Baby Bjorn products are fantastic in the early years, I have the bouncer, carrier and high chair.

What’s in the pipeline for you next?

I really want to do my first Prix St George competition on my dressage horse Montana this year. I’m also excited about the launch of Duke of Wellington by Hunter Field. It’s an all purpose equestrian collection that I’ve been involved with.

How would you sum yourself up in one sentence?

Ask my husband !!!

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