We were lucky enough to interview the inspirational Jenni Kayne and Estee Stanley from Ladys & Gents. Both Jenni and Estee live in Los Angeles, with two 4 year old boys, and two girls that are almost 2 years old, with one dog each! 

How did the two of you meet?

Jenni: I met Estee when I started dating my husband Richard – they were good friends.
Estee: Jenni married one of my oldest friends, Richard Ehrlich.

We love Ladys and Gents, such a cool idea. What inspired you to come up with it?

Jenni: We spent a lot of time sending pics back and forth to one another of the kids in their outfits and this seemed like a fun way to incorporate our friends and others.
Estee: We are obsessed with kids clothes, and every fashion site for kids never told us where we could purchase things.

What’s the coolest look you’ve been sent through for Ladys and Gents?

Jenni: I always like what Estee’s daughter, Flora, is wearing.
Estee: Looks for boys and looks for girls.

How do you balance a busy and successful working life with your babas?

Jenni: I put myself on a pretty strict schedule. I have my days that I go to my stores, the studio and then schedule a little time for myself once a week. When I’m balanced, I’m happy and the kids are happy. I try to leave stress outside when I get home.
Estee: I just do it. During the week I try to leave my office by 5 so that we all have dinner together. Every weekend I make sure to spend every single minute possible with them.

You both have great backgrounds in fashion; have you passed this love for style onto your children? Do they take an interest in the items they wear?

Jenni: Ripley and Tanner have both been making some interesting choices for their outfits – it’s always fun to see them transition form letting me dress them to having their own opinion.
Estee: I hope so. Mine don’t take an interest, but I am sure my little girl will when she is old enough to boss me around.

Jenni, we love your website (www.jennikayne.com) ,we’re particularly in love with the Alpaca bears. What’s your favourite piece from your latest collection?

Jenni: I just showed my Fall 2013 collection in New York and love everything in leopard print, especially the cap sleeve gown.

Whose style do you most admire?

Jenni: Kate Moss is an all time favorite.
Estee: Ashley Olsen, Kate Moss, Grace Kelly.

What’s the one baby product you cannot live without?

Jenni: My Stokke Handisitt.
Estee: Hylands Colendula

What’s in the pipeline for your both in 2013?

Jenni: I’m working on my upcoming collections and focusing more on my lifestyle blog www.ripplustan.com and opening more Jenni Kayne stores.
Estee: Opening a family club/ restaurant with Jessica Biel and Kimberly Jacobs called Au Fudge. I am the editor of Domain, which is the Home site for Who What Wear. I am also going to be doing styling and interior design.

How would you sum yourself up in one sentence?

Jenni: Virgo.
Estee: Focused with a sense of humour.