I am unable to speak.

My glands are up and I sound like I smoked 400 Woodbines before breakfast.

And I was totally unprepared to get struck down so early in the cold/ flu season.

So,  I have written a list of all the things I bought yesterday to prevent further illness so you don’t get caught short too:

  1. THIEVES by Young Living.  This remedy is fantastic with a great story behind it.  Thieves in Paris doused themselves in a mixture of cloves, rosemary and other armomatics whilst robbing plague victims!  Thieves is highly effective in supporting the immune system and good health.  Try the mouth wash for topical mouth gargling,  and the essential oil for use in a diffuser to kill all airbourne germs.
  2.  French Homeopathic Company BOIRON has a number of preventative natural remedies for colds and flu.  Try ColdCalm if you feel a snivvle coming on,  or Oscillococcinum for something that feels a bit more serious.
  3.  MANUKA HONEY -To give you an example of how amazing this is:  one of our whippets had rubbed his hock (back elbow) to the bone and it wouldn’t heal.  I went to the local vet who started talking about amputation, so we immediately headed to our old vet in Devizes who had saved one whippet’s life and another’s leg,  and generally knows about all things whippety. One Manuka Honey Dressing and three days later it was healed.  Miracle?  As Ian the vet said – the Egyptians worked it out 2000 years ago,  so it’s nothing new; we just forgot about it.  I’ve been throwing it down my throat.  Still can’t talk,  but it really really does soothe. And tastes rather yummy.
  4. Vitamin C – don’t mess around with little doses.  At the first sign of something snotty take a 750mg or 1000mg tablet twice a day.  This will give your immunune system a boost when it really needs it.  DON’T keep this dosage up for more than 3-4 days as it is not good to take too much Vit C.
  5. D-LUX Vitamin D Spray – we all take this in our house.  As the nights draw in,  we are very conscious of the lack of light.  We are lucky we are outside a lot,  but even then our doses of Vitamin D get depleted so we spray this minty cure into our mouths every morning.  Different strengths for Adults and Children
  6. ANIMAL PARADE GOLD vitamin tablets for kids.  These are sugar free,  and your children will want to take them because they are cute!  Make this an every day treat.
  7. ESKIMO FOR KIDS – we all know how great this is for us,  but do try and get the kids taking it too.  It will work wonders for their concentration and helps the immune system too.  Comes in liquid form and a bit of an acquired taste,  but it’s worth persevering.
  8.  ZINC tablets.  Another daily essential for both adults and kids to keep that immune  system up to muster.  ANIMAL PARADE do a tangerine version for kids.
  9.  Nice tissues.  Don’t use loo roll unless you want a Rudolf nose.  Pay that little bit extra for something super soft but just in case , get a small pot of Sudocrem if it all goes a bit wrong….

By Joanna Jensen, Childs Farm