These are just the answer to any mummy who may have given up cake or chocolate for Lent! Bite-size mini meringues for little people with an incy wincy bit of food colouring to give them that irresistible ‘eat me’ now appeal. Really easy to make and the perfect tea time treat, they are also wickedly attractive on a birthday party table!

Meringues made easy 

  • 2 egg whites
  • 125 gms of white caster sugar
  • Sugarcraft food colouring

There are 2 key rules when making meringues, the cleanliness of the mixing bowl – it is so important that this is anything but plastic, copper is ideal but unlikely, aluminium and glass are perfect, and secondly that you cook at a very low temperature – I suggest 110 or ideally the bottom right warming oven of an Aga – the point being to dry the meringues out and extract the moisture!

Turn the oven on to 110c.

1. Put the egg whites into the extremely clean metal bowl of an electric mixer, something like a Kenwood or kitchen aid, or you could use handbeaters, and beat on full power until quadrupled  (and more) in size and volume. When you pull the beaters out the peaks of the beaten egg, whites should be firm not droopy! This can take 5 minutes or more. If there is any yolk in the egg whites they will not beat up – it has to be 100% egg white!

2.  Put the beaters back in and slowly pour in the sugar in 2 stages, keep the beating going at full pelt and after a minute or 2 the meringue will take on a very glossy sheen. Leave the beaters on beating furiously while you prepare the trays. When the egg whites and sugar are very stiff, stop the beaters and add an incy wincy bit of food coloring and stir it around gently, depending on the end result which you are hoping to achieve, ie completely pink or swirly.

Line a couple of baking trays with baking paper and with a teaspoon or alternatively a piping bag drop / pipe dollops of the mix on to the paper. Place in the oven and leave to dry out for about 1 hour. I literally do an over-sized teaspoon for the ‘little people’ – which is the perfect toddler size for pudding. The meringues are ready when they lift easily from the baking paper.

This recipe can be doubled and tripled to make more. They store extremely well in an airtight container.

The quantity above is designed for using up left over egg whites – it makes about 15 ‘toddler’ size meringues – or meringue kisses as I call them, or 4 good-sized adult meringues with some extra small ones as well.

Joanna Preston's Darling Dinky Meringue Kisses

Joanna Preston’s Darling Dinky Meringue Kisses