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Journey To Motherhood: How To Feel Empowered. Real-Life Stories From New Mamas

The journey to motherhood is rarely straightforward, and there are many different challenges to face along the way. MORI understands that every journey is different, and that’s why the launch of their inspiring new maternity collection mama by MORI is showcased by a diverse group of new mums, each with an empowering story to tell.

mama By MORI

mama by MORI is an inclusive collection of maternity wear designed and made by mamas for mamas. Soft yet supportive, comfortable yet flattering and all made from high-quality sustainable fabrics to ensure the pieces will last you throughout this pregnancy and the next.

The collection aims to empower you on your motherhood journey, supporting you through every stage, while helping you to be proud of your body and to embrace the changes becoming a mother will bring.

MORI asked its community of real mums to showcase the range, celebrating their natural physical differences, while sharing their stories to encourage new and expectant mothers to have the confidence to be comfortable and happy with themselves.

Real-life journey to motherhood

We take a look at the new collection and include some inspiring stories from MORI’s model mamas, in this beautifully real showcase of the new mama by MORI range.

Sheilah, 31, 16 weeks postpartum, first-time mama to Ezra

“As a children’s nurse, I thought I’d be more ready for motherhood, but nothing can prepare you for the mental and physical changes it brings. I had an interesting journey as I have a history of reproductive issues including endometriosis and multiple ovarian surgeries. After trying for some time, I conceived naturally, however being pregnant during a pandemic was not what I originally planned. Fortunately, I had the support of my husband and family throughout. It also nearly impacted my birth plan as I originally couldn’t have my mum by my side, but thankfully she was allowed in the end. The actual birth was nothing like I expected, it was one hour long from start to finish, we barely made it to the hospital and I had no pain relief, but it ended happily with my healthy little boy. My postpartum body isn’t the same as it was before, but I’ve given birth to a new life and when he smiles at me it makes me realise he’s not bothered about what my body looks like, so why should I be?

“My advice for all new mum’s is to do what makes you happy. Don’t listen to the outside noise, listen to what’s inside. It might be difficult looking at your postpartum body… my body’s not the same, there are stretch marks, it’s wobbly, but I gave birth to a life and there’s nothing more incredible than that. Love your body for what it did and the life it brought into this world”.

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Deborah, 26 years’ old, 11 weeks postpartum

“My journey into motherhood was quite difficult due to a condition called prolactinoma, however, strong faith and the most amazing consultants meant that eventually, I was able to conceive naturally. During my pregnancy, I loved feeling her move as it was so nice knowing that she was there with me the whole time. Kimberley’s birth was not as straightforward as I’d hoped, firstly I was induced and then we discovered she was breech. However, it was far too late for a c-section so I did it with nothing but gas and air.

Coping with stretch marks

“I hadn’t always been very comfortable with my size and found getting stretch marks the most uncomfortable change during pregnancy. Although everyone said ‘oh you’re growing a baby’ it never really made me feel any better… until I had her. Do I wish I was back to my pre-pregnancy size with no stretch marks? Yea! But I finally understand what everyone meant when they say these are a reminder and a badge of honour. Postpartum, I am learning to love my ‘new’ body, though I’m not completely happy with it, I’m grateful for what it’s done and what it’s achieved. Having faith has allowed me to know everything will be ok… it’s kept me calm, grounded & happy.”

Deborah shares her one piece of advice to expectant and new mums: “Don’t put too much pressure on yourself – enjoy each and every stage because it goes really quickly.”

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Nicole, 31 years old, 30 weeks pregnant

“Becoming a mama is something I’ve always wanted, however naturally getting pregnant in the midst of a pandemic, a few months after our COVID approved mini civil ceremony wasn’t quite how I imagined it. I haven’t been able to go home to Singapore at all which is hard and I don’t know when I’ll be able to go once I’ve had my little girl. I feel I am missing out on the support of family and friends which has made it a little lonely. However, my husband has been incredible; we’ve managed to strengthen our relationship through it all and welcome every big change as an adventure.

My bump has been small throughout my pregnancy, which did have me worried at first as to how she was growing, but, she’s hit her marks for every measurement. As I’m a first-time mama, I also found the first trimester was the most difficult since I had so many unanswered questions, but now I’m 30 weeks, I’m definitely more relaxed.

Nicole’s advice is to “Find your comfort zone in where you get your information… listen to others but ultimately make your own decisions.”.

Amber, 27 years old, 15 weeks pregnant, second-time mama

“My journey into motherhood has been an adventure. My first pregnancy was going well until 30 weeks when I developed obstetric cholestasis and ended up having my little boy early. This time around, it’s been very different as we’ve all been home to enjoy the pregnancy as a family due to the pandemic. However, I suffered from morning sickness and have found it difficult to balance resting with looking after my 20-month-old son too. Nevertheless, I count my blessings that I have two babies and I love being a mummy.

My advice to mama’s welcoming another baby is to include their other children in your pregnancy journey, from helping with the nursery to picking out toys for their new sibling. Plus, take plenty of photos with them and bump to look back on.”

Julie, 32, 11 weeks postpartum, second-time mama to Manilla

“I met my partner whilst travelling in Australia and it was love at first sight. We travelled together around New Zealand, the Philippines and Bali before moving to London three years ago to start a family. I found out I was pregnant with my first-born Malo around Christmas – which was the perfect present for both of us! My second pregnancy was not planned. In fact, we only found out at 6 months so it was a big surprise. But now, we’re a happy family with our two little boys at home.”

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