This Easter craft started out as one thing but changed into something else while making it. Did you ever have jumping beans? Well these eggs started out as wobble eggs, but as I was decorating them, I suddenly remembered the jumping beans. I remembered how much fun they were so changed some of the wobble eggs into jumping bean Easter eggs.

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To make your own jumping bean Easter eggs you will need:

  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Plasticine/play dough/ Blue Tac etc
  • Sharpies
  • Washi tape (optional)

jumping bean easter eggs

Make a ball out of the plasticine/ play dough/ Blue Tac and put it inside the egg. This is going to act as the weight.

Close up the egg and decorate it with sharpies or washi tape.

The challenge with jumping beans is to try and get them to roll down your arm. It is a little harder to get the eggs to roll all the way down your arm as they are bigger. But it is a fun challenge to set for kids.

If you wanted to make them into wobble eggs simply press the plasticine into the base of the egg.

I made jumping bean Easter eggs for EC and YC and a wobble egg for BB, he made his own wobble egg.

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Jumping bean easter eggs  - can you get it to roll all the way down your arm.