Our box of junk modelling is beginning to overflow and has been begging to be used. I decided to use a couple of boxes and loo rolls to create a junk model haunted mansion for a themed small world play.

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To make your junk model haunted mansion you will need:

  • Shoe boxes
  • Loo and kitchen roll inner tubes
  • Black paint
  • Paint brush
  • Hot glue gun
  • Black paper
  • Pens*

I used a set of acrylic pens to decorate, but chalk pens/chalk/markers/ other paint will also work.

To start with I figured out what boxes and other things I would need to make my junk model haunted mansion.

Next I painted it all black and left it to dry.

Once the paint had dried, I glued all the pieces together to make the mansion. It was only as I was about to glue on one of the side pieces that I wondered if it would balance properly without falling over.

Once everything was in place, I drew a rough outline of all the details, before going over it all in acrylic pens.

junk model haunted mansion

I left the designing of the interior of the house to YC. That sort of thing is right up her street.

junk model haunted mansion

Finally when everything was done, I added a few wooden figures and pumpkins and set it up on the side for anybody to play with.

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Turn old boxes and loo rolls into a junk model haunted mansion for small world play.