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KABOOM: The Greatest Game to Aid Learning

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I recently came across this classroom game and fell in love with it. Although it would probably be better in a big classroom setting where children of the same age can play together, it is also great fun to play at home. In this version of the game I did both maths and English, but you could literally use it for any topic, including general knowledge.

You will need:

  • Craft sticks
  • Pens
  • Cups

Begin by sorting your craft sticks out into piles. How many questions do you want for each area. I did about 40 for sight words, 20 for sounds, 40 for times tables, and finally about 9 for number bonds. Make sure that you keep about 10 craft sticks spare.

Colour in the top part of your craft stick. Use a different colour for each topic.

Then write your question, sum, sight word, sound, etc. on to the bottom half of the stick. On the spare craft sticks write KABOOM. Then colour in the tops with the same colours you used for the different topics. You will probably want 5-10 kabooms in each pot. Although if you have a smaller number of questions in one area then you may only need 1 or 2 kaboom sticks.

Finally place the craft sticks, with their coloured tops up, into a cup that you can’t see through. When I played it with YC we had different cups for each topic, but you may want to stick them all in the same one.

How to play:

When it is your go you simply pull out a craft stick and answer the question or read the sound/word out.

If you get it correct you get to keep the stick. If you get it wrong, then the it goes back into the pot.

If you pick up one that says KABOOM then you must return all the sticks that you have collected back into the pots.

The winner is who ever has the most craft sticks at the end of the game.

When YC and I played it the other day she got really into it. So much so, she kept saying to me that she hoped I picked up a kaboom! It is a rather an addictive game, and neither of us actually wanted to stop. In the end we had to do 5 goes each; poor YC managed to pull out a kaboom on her last go though, so lost all of her collected sticks.

Pin for later:

Kaboom: the greatest game to aid learning on any topic. Great for classrooms, homeschooling or revision.

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