We had a blast this week interviewing the very funny author and Sunday Times columnist Matt Rudd. Matt’s column ponders the trials and tribulations of family life, healthy eating and a whole manner of other highly amusing topics. After reading Matt’s recent Father’s Day column ‘When Kale Attacks’, we knew this was a man we wanted to speak to. If, like us, you can’t get enough of Matt, you can follow him on Twitter.

What else are you up to at the moment?

I spend most of my spare time saying to my wife, “See, I told you three kids would be difficult.” Which she just loves. And the rest of it tidying up. And writing another book.

Sum up fatherhood for us. The good, the bad and the ugly…

If we didn’t have kids, we’d be in the VIP section of a Balearic superclub right now, spending all the money we would have had on wild hedonistic excess. We’d be full of energy and we’d have paid off the mortgage and our sex life wouldn’t be confined to the length of an episode of Octonauts. Sorry, you wanted the good first. Well, superclubs are boring. And the kids are great. And I’m much fitter and more resilient than I’ve ever been. I have parent power. I had hoped it would get easier once the baby stage was over but last week I had to watch our eldest do his first little piano solo. Easily the most terrified I’ve felt in the last five years.

Tell us about your very latest eureka moment.

That that eldest is old enough to make the morning tea without first-degree-burning himself. #Lifechanging #slavery. Also, that it will all turn out fine unless I spend the whole time stressing that it won’t.

The holidays are now upon us. What are your five tips for a seamless and calm flight with the kids?

  1. Mid-morning flights only
  2. No long-haul at all. No one deserves that. Not you. Not your kids. Not everyone else on the flight.
  3. Bloody Marys.
  4. iPads
  5. Ridiculously light packing. One bag for a family of five, plus a sling, plus two bits of hand luggage, and that’s it. Trust me, you’ll glide through the airport. Glide, I tell you.

Where are you favourite places to go with the kids?

To the woods behind our house. Best tackled at toddler pace. In fact, everything is best tackled at toddler pace. Look daddy, leaf. Look daddy, beetle. Look daddy, ‘nother leaf. Enforced relaxation.

Where do you take the family for a bit of fun, food and culture in your hometown in Kent?


Share with us your favourite family recipe, one that doesn’t involve kale.

Citrus Brule… get lots of grapefruit, orange and other citrusy thingamies. Peel them. Peel the scafe stuff too. This takes several hours. Dump in nice bowl, top with crème fraiche, top again with Demerara sugar and burn under the grill. Throw away. Repeat, but do less burning under the grill.

What’s the one baby product you couldn’t have lived without?

The sling. As soon as I worked out we didn’t need the bloody Bugaboo, life became easier. Other than that, nothing. Not even nappies. We potty trained early. Our record was three months with our middle son. I know, I’m showing off, but the “elimination method” is pretty straightforward and who wants to be dismantling a three-year-old’s special nappy?

If you weren’t Matt Rudd, who would you be?

I would be a militant, direct-action supporter of breast-feeding or the world’s leading co-sleeping revolutionary or the third bassoonist in a fair-to-middling provincial orchestra.

How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

Very easily.

This is me and Eli, our youngest, who is 2... and we're trying to look like the Easyjet flight we just took went well.

This is me and Eli, our youngest, who is 2… and we’re trying to look like the Easyjet flight we just took went well.