Check out Karl Dickson’s second instalment of his Quins’ Twins diary. This column brought a smile to our faces this morning when it landed in the inbox. Enjoy! 

Most of you probably already know this, but at your 20 week scan you have the option to find out the sex of your baby, or in our case, babies!

Well, the wait between the 12 week and 20 week scan for us felt like a lifetime. The discussions backwards and forwards as to whether we would  or wouldn’t  find out their sexes was painful.

Joss was adamant that she didn’t want to know either and wanted a surprise. I think that is mental. Isn’t the fact that we’re having two babies at the same time a surprise enough!? And surely we’re best to be as prepared as possible as I doubt we’ll be out shopping any time soon once they arrive. As my Dad always said to us as kids – “p*ss poor preparation leads to a p*ss poor performance.”

This wonderful debate went on for eight weeks – with Joss also deciding to ask all her friends their opinion on the matter – most, I can happily say, were on my side and thought she was crazy. So, there was no getting away from the discussion it was all we seemed to talk about.

The week before our scan date we FINALLY reached a compromise – we would only find out the sex of one. I know this sounds ridiculous but it was the only way for us to kind of get what we wanted – I knew one baby’s sex and she had one surprise. Sorted.

On the day of the scan, I was actually really excited to finally know. It seemed to make it so much more real, they become an actual person, you can start thinking of names and you can picture them being here.

Everyone was sure that I desperately wanted them to tell me that one was a boy, but as corny as it sounds, I honestly didn’t mind what we were having, as long as they’re both healthy that’s all I care about.

I think it’s a bit different with twins because from the get-go the doctors constantly tell you how high risk the pregnancy and labour is compared to a singleton pregnancy, so I think maybe you have a slightly different outlook on it. You just want the both of them to get here whether they’re boys or girls.

So, we’re sitting in the screening room and the sonographer asks if we’re finding out the sexes today. I start explaining how we’re only finding out the sex of one, which was met with a lot of surprise and laughing – to no surprise. I start explaining our reasons and Joss pipes up in a panic and starts going on again about how she really, really doesn’t want to know.

Something I probably should have mentioned before is that we had been given a week off from rugby while the LV games were going on so I’d booked a week boys’ trip to Cancun much to Joss’s delight, considering it coincided with being spring Break – quietly!!

So we’re in this little room with Joss listing, yet again, all the reasons that she doesn’t want to know and then she plays the best hand. She pulls out the Cancun card! “You’re going to Cancun for a week, while I’m left in freezing England, by myself, not able to go anywhere basically getting bigger by the day. I really don’t want to know!”

I mean, how do you beat that!? I guess we’re leaving their sexes a surprise then!!

By Karl Dickson

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