It’s the blog post My Baba HQ has been waiting for! Karl Dickson and his lovely wife Joss are now proud parents to two non-identical twin girls. The latest instalment of the Quins Twins’ Diary by our favourite daddy blogger is a beautiful read. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. A big congratulations to Karl and Joss. 

It’s been a while since our last blog but a lot has happened in the past few weeks.

It all started on May 31st at about 4.30am. Joss had been complaining that her ‘Braxton Hicks’ were quite painful and she had been driving me mad getting in and out of bed all night so I said that she should call the hospital and make sure that everything sounded ‘normal’. It’s amazing how paranoid you get towards the end of a pregnancy and you’re not even the one who is pregnant!

The hospital told us to come in just to get checked over so we threw on some clothes and headed in. I told Joss to grab her hospital bag, but she was adamant that she wasn’t in labour so didn’t need it – famous last words!!

When we arrived at the hospital they examined Joss and we were told that she was 4cm dilated and needed to be admitted to the labour ward. To say we were shocked is an understatement. We knew it would probably happen soon but not this soon, we were only 35 weeks in so thought we had a good week or so left. As we walked to the labour ward I called her mum and told her the news and asked her to go and get the hospital bag from home – that will teach Joss not to listen to me!

We got settled in the labour room which was quite daunting as there were two incubators in there with lots of equipment ready for the babies’ arrival. It definitely sunk in that this was really happening at this point.

As Joss had got to 4cm pretty easily and not with too much drama we thought the process might happen quite quickly – well, we couldn’t have been more wrong! After twenty hours of labour, she was still only 6cm!!

Well, at this point I needed a nap! It was all a bit much.

I swear I hadn’t even been asleep that long but I woke up to absolute chaos.

I opened my eyes and Joss was having an injection in her back and there were about five more people in the room than there had been before my nap. She quickly told me that the consultant had come in and examined her and said that she needed to have an emergency c-section and they were taking her now. They gave me some scrubs and that was it, I was walking, almost running along side her bed on the way to theatre.

The c-section was all a bit of a blur really as it all happened so quickly that I didn’t really have a chance to prepare myself or get nervous about it. It’s such a weird feeling as I was nervous for Joss but so excited that the twins would be here in minutes and that we would finally know what sex they were. You feel pretty helpless at this point to be honest as you’re just sitting by their head, trying to keep them calm and just waiting to hear a baby’s cry.

They got the babies out really quickly and within just three minutes of each other – two girls!! I had said it all along, Joss on the other hand asked the doctor three times before she actually believed it was two girls.

The midwives took me away from Joss so that I could see the babies and also so I could cut both of their umbilical cords, which was such an amazing experience and I loved it. Holding the girls when they were so tiny and had only just been born was one of the best moments of my life. It was pretty short lived though as they were both so early they had to go straight to the NICU which was really hard as you just want them with you but at least you know they are in the best hands. Still hard to watch them wheel them away though.

Joss had only stopped work a couple of days before this all happened so we had planned to get everything sorted and ready the following week but obviously the girls had a different idea!

We really were so unprepared; we didn’t have any clothes for them or anything in order. The guys at Baby MORI really saved our lives, they sent us one of their packages with bibs, baby grows and vests that the girls lived in while they were in the hospital. They were just perfect for them and Joss kept going on about how soft they were – apparently that’s important for babies! I actually don’t know what we would have done without them.

My introduction to feeding, changing nappies and becoming a father to newborns is a whole other story for next time…