A huge warm welcome to our newest blogger Karl Dickson, scrum half for Harlequins and father-to-be of non-identical twins due later this summer.  Karl is married to the lovely Joss, and the two of them live in Surrey. Follow our newest Daddy blogger’s experiences of twins exclusively on My Baba.

I’m Karl Dickson and I am a professional rugby player at Harlequins, I’ve been there for six years and in 2012 went on the England tour to South Africa. I met Jocelyn four and a half years ago through current England international Mike brown on a night out in Clapham and recently Jocelyn and I got married.

We are expecting non identical twins due in June, these will be our first babies, so apparently we don’t do things by half!

I have a degree in sports and exercise science from Coventry university where I graduated in 2003, after this I went to Bedford uni to start PGCE, but due to rugby commitments I didn’t finish the course and was playing at Bedford Blues, where I played for four years before signing for Harlequins.

I love to to travel, but with the Quins’ twins imminent arrival my travelling days maybe on hold for a few years. In my spare time I’m a keen golfer and I’m also a coach at Effingham and Leatherhead rugby club.

‘A Positive Result’

Joss and I had been trying to conceive for a few months when we got a positive result.

I think it’s quite difficult when your misses tells you that she’s “pregnant” as you never know for sure until you have a scan so you don’t want to get too excited – I say this despite the fact that Joss ended up doing something ridiculous like 7 tests! I guess in her eyes you can never be too sure!

Joss went to the doctor and they booked us an appointment with the midwife and I was told that I should try to attend if I could. I don’t know if every midwife’s appointment is the same, but my God, I can’t tell you how boring this appointment is. It lasts about an hour and a half and I was honestly needed for about two minutes of the whole thing. They needed me for my family history and that was it – surely I could have just given that to Joss on a post-it and had a golf day!?

We had our 12 week scan a couple of weeks later. I was actually quite nervous before this scan which I hadn’t thought that I would be as I don’t really get nervous about anything. I think it was the first time that it properly hit me that this might actually be happening. It probably didn’t help that we had to sit and wait for about 45 minutes for our appointment – it’s ridiculous how many different scenarios go through your head but I can honestly say that twins was never one of them!

When they finally called us in, Joss lay on this massive chair and there were two small screens on the wall in front so that we could watch the scan. They switched the lights off and then I was really nervous. They started the scan and within seconds they had found the heartbeat which Joss said ‘looks like a little butterfly’ – clearly not an analogy that had popped into my head. There’s something so surreal about that moment. It’s like this massive realisation that this is actually happening, there is a tiny little baby in there.

I’m not a romantic guy in the slightest but I won’t forget when they show you the heartbeat and you have this ‘moment’ with your wife/girlfriend/whoever – it’s almost like ‘here we go.’

This ‘moment’ may last longer normally but for us it was a split second as we were interrupted by the sonographer: “Um… guys… There are TWO heartbeats…” Joss and I swung our heads round to the screen and there they were, two heartbeats… TWINS!!

By Karl Dickson

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