I can’t believe how much I have learned about babies in such a short space of time. When you have a newborn, it’s like receiving a crash course, you learn what to do and what not to do VERY quickly. I thought I’d share some of these points with you in case you’re expecting, to save you time!


Unfortunately I learned the hard way that you never stand directly in front of a baby when you change them, always stand to the side.

I discovered this when Amelie decided to poo while I was changing her nappy. I mean, this wasn’t just your normal everyday poo. This was a liquid poo that shot, I’m not even kidding, four feet across the room onto my mother-in-laws cream carpet! I, as your instincts do, jumped out of the way to avoid a poo stained t-shirt which probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do as Joss clearly pointed out: ‘I can clean your t-shirt a lot more easily than I can a cream carpet.’

The second point is always buy nappies that actually fit them.

I couldn’t be bothered to go upstairs and get the special premature nappies that we had bought, so I grabbed the slightly larger ones from the cupboard. Schoolboy error!! Within an hour I couldn’t understand why both girls were wet all up their backs when I held them, I thought they were sweating because it’s been so hot recently, on closer inspection the nappies had leaked everywhere – trust me, not a nice thing to clean up!

Buy in bulk if you’re having twins.

I have never had to go to Waitrose so many times in my life! We have found that essential Waitress nappies for the girls work really well and aren’t ridiculously expensive. Little did we know how many nappies we would actually go through – we are talking 16-20 nappies a day, and considering there are only 27 nappies in a pack – well, you do the Maths – it’s a hell of a lot of trips to Waitrose!


Timing is everything.

If you put them in the bath when they’re a little bit hungry or tired, they scream as if you are literally torturing them but if you time it just right, the water becomes their favourite place to be. Trying to time this I have decided is virtually impossible but they definitely soon let me know if I have got it wrong.

We have found that ours won’t stay in the water that long so we have to be very efficient. Make sure you have some really good products to wash them. We have used products by Naif that have worked really well as they both have sensitive skin and it is really quick to put on and wash off. It really does the job so we don’t have to use lots of different products which is great as we’re on such tight time scale.


Be prepared:

Have everything you need for when they come out of the bath as they scream the place down when you take them out of the water. We have some brilliant hooded bath towels from aden + anais that work wonders on them. You can lay it on the bath mat while they’re in the bath and then as you take them out, you lay them straight on it, pop the hood on their head to keep them warm, and wrap them up in the towel. By the time you have carried them to the nursery, they are dry and you haven’t had to try to dry them – trust me, a very hard task when they’re screaming and squirming non stop.



Well, as a parent, you will get none! Everyone talks about getting them into a routine. Well, we have tried loads of different methods to get them into a routine but it is proving virtually impossible when they are screaming every three hours to be fed. I can’t believe how much milk they go through considering the size of them. When we crack this, I will be sure to let you know, but for now I am afraid we are up once every three hours no matter what time of day it is at the moment – so that is our routine, not the best one, but it’s still a routine!


Just as a warning, we as Dads have no say in the clothes whatsoever. We went shopping the other day and everything I picked up was met with a  look of ‘are you kidding!?’

You also won’t believe how many times you have to change them in a day. Just as you change them into one outfit, they throw up on it, so you change them again, then an hour later they poo on that one and the cycle continues throughout the day.

Oh, and you’d better get used to the colour pink if you have girls – you will be seeing a LOT of it!