We all know that during pregnancy our skin can do all sorts of strange things, in particular become extremely dehydrated and sometimes stressed by the strain of carrying a bump. Which is why when I stumbled across the Love the Skin Your Baby is In treatment at QMS Medicosmetics Flagship Spa, nestled behind Sloane Square I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

The 75-minute long treatment is designed to combine the benefits of an intensely moisturizing and energising facial with a relaxation massage of the arms, neck and shoulders in order to leave your skin glowing but your body feeling indulged too. My treatment consisted of a deep cleanse followed by an exfoliating fluid made from exfoliating fruit enzyme which was both cool and tingly.

After this, an algae mask was applied which is especially good for sleep-deprived mums around the eye area. Five minutes later once this was removed, a refreshing tonic is wiped over the skin to balance, before day collagen is applied with a light lymph draining massage. The delicious smelling orange blossom scented activator mask works with marine collagen to hydrate the skin and whilst all this is going on I enjoyed a lovely neck and decollate massage, and a hand massage with the revitalising body cream. Finally a finishing cream is applied and I’m ready to face to world refreshed and renewed before I launch back into the chaos of the toddler school run.

75 minutes for £100, check out qmsmedicosmetics.com