Clarins Double Serum, £55 for 30ml

It’s taken the beauty brains behind Clarins a staggering 27 years of anti-ageing expertise to make their new Double Serum, but boy, is it worth the wait.

As we know, when you get older, ageing, environmental factors and stress cause the five vital functions of the skin to slow down, resulting in loss of firmness, wrinkles and fine lines, diminished radiance and more visible pores.

So, this new Double Serum has been designed to mimic Biomimetic skin care, which echoes the double structure of skin cells themselves to contain both oil and water. This means that unlike other formulations where oil and water can’t mix, with each pump of the serum you get double the effect, because oil and water can separately combine with their own seriously potent plant ingredients. These include everything from Burdock and Marshmallow for hydration, kiwi for nutrition, pine for oxygenation, green tea for protection and avocado and bocoa bark for regeneration.

I apply this morning and night, and honestly? My pores are less visible and my skin feels firmer and more elastic.

Kate Freud