We invited Natalia from Little Lulubel to give us the down-low on 2018’s hottest party themes for kids.

Activist Kids

Activist is all about empowering kids and giving them a voice – from the clothes they wear, to the books they read and even their theme of their next party.

Inspired by Matisse

2018 sees cut-outs come centre stage in the prints and art world. Think happy colours and shapes.

Jungle Book

The greenery and cacti trends have evolved into something altogether more wild and exotic


Move over flamingos, the not-so-ugly duckling is here to take your place. This cute bird has grace and is the inspiration to many fairy tales.

Here is a tutorial by Mermag to make a swan decoration for the table for your swan inspired party or even a swan costume for the next party.

To make this box you’ll need:

  • one tissue box (horizontally oriented)
  • paint
  • black cardstock
  • a large cereal box
  • glue gun and glue (use low temp if a child is helping)

Making the Swan Box:

  • Paint your tissue box black
  • Cut out two wing shapes in a sort of oval shape (see drawing above)
  • Cut out several feather shapes
  • Glue feather shapes onto wings starting with the back working towards the front of the wings
  • Glue wings onto each side of box
  • Cut out swan neck and head shape from cereal box like in drawing above
  • Paint swan head (or cut out two swan head and neck shapes from paper and glue on to either side of cereal box shape. paint beak and eyes)
  • Cut slit out of one end of tissue box
  • Insert head into box.
  • You swan box is now ready

By Natalia, Little Lulubel