I first came across Sharky & George the wonderful children’s entertainment company when I was getting married quite a while ago now. My wedding planner had just met this dynamic duo, and said that with 17 bridesmaids and paige boys I should definitely think about having them there on my big day to keep the children amused during the endless photographs, long reception and supper. They really are the best when it comes to keeping children entertained, and we would definitely recommend them if you’ve got lots of children attending your big day. Here are some of their top tips! 


Everyone loves children at a wedding, but what to do with the little nippers when they get fed up with the whole cutting of the cake, speeches and grown-up bits of a wedding? Simple. Place them in the capable and exuberant hands of Sharky and George’s experienced team of entertainers, who armed with a novel array of props and good old-fashioned fun, will elicit squeals of happiness from children aged 3 – 12 years.

Whether you wish your younger guests to be whisked away to an impromptu den to give your adult guests and parents a chance to let their hair down, or want to keep the children involved throughout the day at a discreet distance – the fully CRB checked team will organise imaginative games that have been thoughtfully planned from a child’s point of view for maximum glee factor. From craft activities fashioning Chinese paper lanterns adorned with messages to the happy couple, to treasure hunts and games such as Sharky’s Footsteps (grandmothers footsteps with sweeties involved, yum!) and Bubbleology, with edible bubbles which children have to catch in their mouths guessing the flavours whilst learning bubble shape-blowing skills.Every activity has been designed for the age range’s attention span and to help bonding among the group. Infants and toddlers from 0 – 3 years can also be looked after by Sharky and George’s nannies, who will nurse and include the littlest ones as much as possible in the games.  Our favourites? Just picture little gaggles of children weaving through the guests offering their home made chocolate truffles as you polish off your desserts, and the chance for them to be taught how to bust some moves before being painted up with UV streaks, glow bracelets and fancy dress and unleashed on the dancefloor – a literal flash mob!


Sharky and George
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