I done quite a few sensory trays with BB using rice, but I wanted to see how he would do with sand. He seems to have a love hate relationship with the stuff. When we’ve been to the beach he loves to play in it, but normally comes up to me every few minutes to get the sand off of his hands. I understand the feeling, I hate getting sand all over me. Rather than have lots of sand in the house, which would be a hassle to clear up, I opted for a kinetic sand sensory tray. That stuff is way nicer to play with, and far easier to clean up.

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To make your own kinetic sand sensory tray you will need:

  • Kinetic sand
  • Tray
  • Molds*
  • Spades*
  • Shells
  • Small world creatures

*Tiger sell a great little kit for around £5. It has a tray, a couple of colours of sand, mini spade, and molds.

I actually asked BB what sea creatures he wanted in his tray and he helped me pick out the turtles and penguins. Then during his nap I set up the tray for him to play with after his snack.

kinetic sand sensory tray

This kinetic sand sensory tray went down like a house on fire. He loved it. When YC got home from school she was desperate to play with it. BB said she could, then immediately changed his mind when she did start playing with it.

kinetic sand sensory tray

Here he is comforting a turtle.

To begin with he only concentrated on the sand and the molds, but gradually he started incorporating the shells and creatures into it as well.

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Kinetic sand sensory play is great for pretending you are near the beach,