As I was sorting out and replacing the pictures that are on the cupboard doors in the playroom, I noticed the lack of Christmas related drawings.  In fact the only ones with a winter theme to them had come home from nursery the previous day!  Of course we have been doing Christmas crafts and activities, but none of them had been in the form of a picture.  So I hastily rummaged through my stock of junk, looking for my numerous kitchen rolls that I have stashed away.  Turns out I only had 1 kitchen roll left.  Hmmm, I may have to start saving them up again; anyway, that 1 was plenty o do kitchen roll Christmas tree stamping.

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My charges did enjoy making their Christmas trees, but there were only so many Christmas trees they could make before they got bored and started making other designs, but as they say boredom is wonderful for creativity.  We ended up with Christmas trees, elf’s hats, Father Christmas’ hat and even some jingle bells.

This is a nice easy craft to set up and do, but not one that will keep them there for ages; mine stayed for about 25 minutes (which is still quite a lot) before they had had enough.

To make your own kitchen roll Christmas tree stamping you will need:

  • Kitchen roll
  • Paint
  • Paper

Simply dip your kitchen roll into your paint and then stamp away.

This craft may help development of:

  • Creativity
  • Imagination

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christmas loo roll stamping craft for children.