We had the cousins to stay last weekend and a gasp was heard all round when Ashley brought out a tray of Knickerbocker Glories.

A golden oldie, and easy to make, with a selection of flavoured ice creams – whatever you have in the freezer!

Add in melted Nutella, a selection of treats, from sprinkles, Maltesers, and mini marshmellows – anything sweet you have to hand!

Pop them in the freezer, and when serving, accompany with a long spoon.


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Nanny Ashley

There are two great pleasures in my life. Seeing children learn and grow, and a passion for good food. After picking up a handful of NVQ's relating to childcare, I went on to work for a leading Worcester nursery. Three years later I became a nanny and continued to develop my love for cooking and childcare. Along with a regular food column for Baby London Magazine, my goal is to make cooking for children and with children, simple, fun and exciting. Image credit: Helene Sandberg from Little London

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