When I was little my Nana used to spend hours doing puzzle books. I was always fascinated by the puzzles she did. Some of them I still understand, but hands down my favourite ones were the Kris kross puzzles. She always saved them for me and by the time I was 10 I could complete them in a couple of minutes. Even today, when travelling, I like completing them.

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You will need:

You can download any of the puzzles by clicking on the links.

How to do a kris kross puzzle

Very simply you have to add the words to the puzzle board so that they all fit in. You can only use a word once.

This is a great puzzle to help children with counting; they have to count the squares. Hand writing; they have to fill the puzzle in. And forward thinking. If your children enjoys these kris cross puzzles for children then there are plenty of puzzle books and apps out there.

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kris kross puzzles for children - free downloads.