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INTERVIEW: A Walk In The Park With Model, Influencer And Mama-To-Be Laura Coleman

Laura Coleman is an English model, influencer and soon-to-be first-time mum. She lives in London with her husband and two dogs and is expecting her first baby in June. We join Laura for a walk around Victoria Park to test drive her pushchair of choice, the Stokke Xplory X Signature, and to talk about her pregnancy, nesting plans, and how she’s preparing for her June arrival.

Laura reveals the baby’s gender in this heartwarming interview and shares her plans for the baby’s nursery. There’s style advice aplenty, with Laura’s tips and tricks on how to alter your favourite pair of jeans to accommodate a growing bump, as well as her favourite baby products and the ones she’s chosen for her little one.

Laura’s mama-to-be adventures can be found on her Instagram account @misslauracoleman, as well as her passion to promote sustainability and skincare.

How many weeks are you now?

“I’m 32 weeks pregnant and I’m not sleeping well,” she admits, laughing. “I have to wake up to turn over – which is an experience. I’ve got two pregnancy pillows and I’ve made myself a rectangle den, a bit like an adult-sized Sleepyhead, but the whole duvet tends to come off and my husband is not happy!”

Laura says her pregnancy so far has been fairly plain-sailing. “Touch wood! The usual aches and pains, but there’s been nothing crazy. I’m 35 and there were lots of things I just didn’t know about. The tiredness and the fatigue, the fact that you can’t have coffee or tea really, that you get insomnia from the beginning, constipation really badly, and crazy hormone surges and crazy dreams… God, my dreams were mad from the beginning!  Sometimes I just want to sleep because dreams are so amazing, we’re talking Brad Pitt or something!”

“The hormone surges and the neediness I didn’t expect. It’s kind of like just before your period, but on a massive scale. I can feel when I get those hormone surges, I can feel them coming on.”

Have there been any unexpected cravings?

“Not really, you know. It’s so funny, I’ve not had any crazy cravings other than I’ve just been really healthy, and wanting really fresh healthy stuff and a lot of fruit. I think the first trimester is carbs, isn’t it?” she ponders. “In the second trimester, I was waking up in the middle of the night wondering what I could eat.”


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How organised are you? Is your hospital bag packed?

“I’ve not done my hospital bag yet. I’m quite chilled. I’m getting my nursey sorted, although I’ve got a lot of stuff I haven’t unboxed yet. I’m just taking my time, you know? I’ve got a lovely doula who’s mentally keeping me in check, as I was really really worried about birth… I was having moments of panic and fear.” she admits.

Laura confesses that the practice of hypnobirthing and the general support she’s had from her doula have put her mind at rest. “We felt quite clueless!” she laughs.

Tell us more about your nursery, what colours have you decided on?

“I’ve been painting!” Laura exclaims, excitedly. “I’ve gone for a nude-y-dusty pink, as I’m having a girl.” she lets slip, with surprise, admitting that she’s not sure she’s officially told anybody yet.

“We didn’t do a general reveal, in fact, I don’t think I’ve shared this news on Instagram! From week one, when I fell pregnant, I was thinking ‘I think this is a girl,’ instinctively, and when I got the papers, I was like ‘I knew it!'”

“We’re going for neutral, dusty colours. I’ve got a Stokke Sleepi Mini Crib, it’s really aesthetically pleasing. We live in an apartment so it’s actually really handy as it fits through the door, it’s on wheels and I can wheel her anywhere. It’s so ideal.”

The Stokke Sleepi Mini Crib is an evolving bed that grows with your child from birth. It begins life as a stylish oval mini crib, with its shape creating a cosy nest for your baby, and with nifty extension kits, it can transform into an oval crib, toddler bed, and junior bed.

“I need to set it all up. My other half is leaving me to be the orchestrator of everything and he’s the odd-job man.” she giggles.

Let’s talk baby kit. What other baby products have you been buying?

Choosing a pushchair is a really important decision when you’re expecting, and Laura’s chosen the super-stylish Stokke Xplory X Signature. “It’s black and gold and it’s really cute. The main appeal is how close the baby is and it’s brilliant for us. My husband and I are both so tall, I’m 5 foot 10 and he’s 6 foot 5 it’s been really hard to find a pram or a stroller that is high enough for him to use.”

The Stokke Xplory X Signature boasts an eye-catching gold chassis and a bespoke print, making it the ultimate fashion statement for style-adoring parents, and its unique design brings baby closer so you can enjoy adventures together.

“The first thing I think I’ll do is head to a lovely restaurant with my baby in her Xplory and have a lovely glass of wine with a meal.” Laura enthuses.

“And I’ve also got the Tripp Trapp with the newborn set so she can sit at the table with me from day one. They’re a forever seat. I went for Oak Black as I like the idea of a contrast.”

How do you envision your style as a new mother – both in terms of motherhood and your individual style. Will you be rocking motherhood and your Xplory in heels or do you foresee a change?

“Haha! I don’t know about heels, maybe more Uggs, but let’s have a go!” she laughs. “I’m more of a laid-back girl, but if we’re going out for the dinner and we’re taking the baby in the Xplory, it’s perfect for that.”

Are you excited about the birth, do you have a plan, or are you more of a go-with-the-flow kinda girl?

Laura admits that she’s keeping an open mind as to her birthing plans. “I’ve got what I’d like to do, but I’m kind of open to anything because I just think that most people I know that have had a plan then it’s literally gone… the other way!” she says. “It’s nice to know I’ve got an idea, but I’m not bothered how she comes out, as long as she’s healthy and safe. As much as I’d like to do it with no drugs and really natural, the reality is, it’s the first baby, you just don’t know!”

How hard has it been dressing your bump, where have been your go-to shops for fashion?

Laura has found inspiration for maternitywear from Instagram. “I found quite a few really, nice, small brands. Bump and Milk do really cute dresses.” Laura has been dressing her bump by investing in her regular brands in a bigger size, as well as being hands-on in altering her own jeans and dungarees in an effort to be more sustainable.

“Dressing my bump has definitely been an experience because I wear a lot of vintage and sustainable clothes and brands, so everything’s so fitted to me. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t seem to fit any of my clothes, cos my boobs started getting bigger, so I vac-packed all my dresses away.” she laughs.

“I haven’t bought any maternity jeans, I’ve just opened the seams on all my jeans and put in a piece of elastic, and I’ve done that on my favorite pair of dungarees as well. I can put them back together afterward, and I haven’t spent any money on them!”

Laura advises using excess elastic and leaving the stitching a little rough in case you need to let them out a little bit more. “You don’t need a sewing machine to do it necessarily, I used one, but you don’t have to. Leave a bit extra and keep adjusting the seam, takes two minutes! I’m trying to be sustainable instead of just buying loads and loads of new clothes.”

Laura admits to not being a huge fan of maternity jeans. “I just felt really big in them. Even when I tried them on during the second tri, they were comfortable but they just didn’t look like me at all. I love my vintage Levis and faded jeans, which fit really well on the bum… You know, your favourite bum jeans!”

Have you enjoyed and found it easy to embrace how much your body has changed shape?

“It’s definitely interesting! I’m so used to not having a bump there – well I know everyone is, but it’s just mad, isn’t it? When you look down and you have that? It’s now just kinda touching my thighs and I can’t get out of bed without rolling out!”

Any words of wisdom/what advice would you share

“I’ve been reading The Positive Birth Book (Milli Hill), and Mum’s The Word, (Rebecca Oxtoby) which is really funny and honest… I think my advice would be, definitely alter your own jeans if you’ve got your favourite pair! I think it’s good to be relaxed, and take it in your stride. Enjoy the experience as something crazy that your body is doing and making. Don’t think too much! Try not to Google everything!” she muses, with a huge smile.

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