This week, we interviewed the talented TV presenter Laura HamiltonLaura Hamilton presents “A Place in the Sun – Home or Away?” which goes out on Sunday afternoons on Channel 4 and Monday evenings on More 4 from now till the end of June.  She is also presenter on “Cowboy Builders and Bodge Jobs” every morning on Five. Laura lives in Surrey with her husband Alex and their two young children. 

You famously turned own an offer to study Law at university for a one-year contract at Channel 4 as a runner for Dermot O’Leary. Tell us a bit about this role, and what life was like starting out in television – how difficult was it to get your first break? 

I deferred my degree placement for a year and took up a job offer as a runner at Channel 4.  I worked on a variety of their productions not solely for Dermot!  As a runner I was making lots of teas and coffees and learning a great deal about the industry.  I was really lucky to get the role and think it was a lot to do with right place, right time.

You’ve just had your second baby, what was pregnancy like the second time around? Did you do anything differently to your first in 2013? 

The pregnancy was different in that I had a toddler (Rocco) to run around after so didn’t have much time to think about it or feel tired.  I actually worked the day before I gave birth which wasn’t planned but she came early – what happened was pretty scary actually but we are both safe and well now thankfully…

You now have ‘two under two’ children, which can be tough on any mother! What advice would you give to other readers with two under two?

I’m not sure I can give any advice yet! It’s too soon for me to be offering advice when I’m haven’t long out of hospital.  I knew I wanted to have two children close together and lots of people say it’s tough for the first year but only time will tell.

You starred in ITV’s Dancing on Ice in 2011, coming second place and achieving a perfect score of 30.0 out of 30.0 in the Final. Tell us a bit about this experience – how much work did you have to put in to perfect the routines?

It was physically the hardest thing I have ever done.  I trained on the ice for at least 4 to 5 hours each day and more if I could.  Chris and Jayne make everything look so easy then when you try and put it in to practice you realise how hard it is.  I often didn’t get the routine right until the live performance which certainly kept everyone on the edge.

What are your top tips for dressing the baby bump? 

There are some great maternity clothing websites, Seraphine has some great bits, Tiffany Rose has some beautiful dresses for a special occasion, Boob Design has a great selection of nursing clothing and New Look has a great new maternity range.  I think it’s good to embrace your bump and don’t be afraid to show it off with fitted clothes – if you feel comfortable enough to do so.


What are advice would you give to new mums thinking about getting back into shape post pregnancy, and how much pressure do you think there is on mothers to bounce back to their previous size? 

I’m really keen to get back in shape but they say 9 months on, 9 months off don’t they?  I’m also breast feeding so my boobs are enormous!  I do feel a bit of pressure because i am going to be filming again in a few months time.  However, the most important thing it that my little girl is healthy.  It’s important to eat healthily and drink lots of water if you are breast feeding – you will need the energy so don’t get hung up on weight loss.

Where are your favourite family places to go in Surrey?

I love Hobbledown farm – there is so much to do there with Rocco and he loves it.  I also really enjoy walking around where we live with my husband.  Rocco loves being pushed on his SmarTrike and hopefully it won’t be long before he can use his little Micro Scooter.

You’re currently presenting in ‘A Place in the Sun’. If you could live with your family anywhere abroad, where would it be? 

We have a family house in San Pedro in Spain and it’s so great with the family so possibly there.  Alex and I also love LA so maybe Santa Monica.

What’s the one baby product you couldn’t have lived without?

There is a few actually, The Doona car seat/pushchair is brilliant for travelling, the Widgey cushion is great to help with breast feeding, but I think the new Egg tandem pram is going to be my new must have product for ‘two under two!’  There are so many brilliant baby products out there and I always love trying different things and reviewing them.

How would you sum yourself up in one sentence?

An extremely lucky, happy, upbeat, organised, multi tasking Mum and TV presenter who is always on the go and seldom relaxes…