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Homeschooling: Expert Tips, Best Learning Kits And FREE Downloadable Resources

Homeschooling continues to be an incredibly daunting task, with many of us feeling as though we are failing our kids. If you have nursery or primary school-age children and are looking for some extra help with homeschooling, you need to know about Edx Education and their fantastic range of homeschooling resources.

Edx Education is one of the UK’s best-selling home learning brands on Amazon. They’ve been designing and producing innovative educational products and materials in the UK for more than 30 years, making them the homeschooling brand you can trust. They’re passionate about learning through play, and their website is jam-packed with advice, and free homeschooling resources.

The importance of learning through play

Most early years education is now heavily focussed on the concept of learning through play. Learning through play is both fun and engaging for our kids. It’s a tactile and visual way to learn, fuelling mental growth by aiding concentrating, developing fine motor skills and supporting early mathematical understanding, such as counting and sorting techniques.

Children who have been taught through play-based learning are thought to have a more positive attitude to learning. Kids that learn through play have a wider vocabulary, advanced problem solving, lateral thinking and analytical skills in comparison to children taught by a more traditional approach.


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Edx Education’s four top tips for home learning


In the early stage of motivating your children, one of the most important things is following the lead of their interests whether it be cars, books, blocks, colours, shapes, the garden or dinosaurs… Take the time to watch your child play, and then incorporate their interests into learning activities to inspire them.


Children are naturally curious about the world around them, so it’s important to make learning a fun, hands-on and engaging experience.

Get outside when you can to at nature; explain lifecycles – very early signs of spring are already underway in most back gardens.

Look at the numbers around you and discuss what they are used for – think letterbox numbers, pocket money and car number plates. Discuss what they’re used for and how they benefit us in everyday life.


Watch as your child builds a tower or is playing with water in the bath. Look at their facial expressions: are they focused, curious, engaged or are they frustrated because it isn’t going their way?

A child’s imagination is sparked by explorative and experimental play. Encourage this at home by using open-ended and design thinking toys (say, rainbow pebbles or construction blocks) to encourage problem-solving and design thinking. Ask them questions or give them a theme to work with. Can they build the tallest tower? Build a car or an animal with their blocks?

Prior preparation

When children are not in the mood to play independently, think about setting up simple play activities. For example, you could set up animals ‘in a jungle’ to complement a book you are reading. Talk to them about the story, and prompt them to use their imagination.  Simple ideas can have a ripple effect on young imaginations.

Free homeschooling activity downloads

As far as homeschooling resources go, Edx Education has you covered. Their range of free homeschooling activity downloads are suitable for ages 18 months to 5+ years, and can be accessed by clicking the links below:

The best toys & kits to learn through play

If you’re looking to supplement your child’s learning, Edx Education also has a fantastic range of toys and kits.

GeoStix Letter Construction Set with Activity Cards

The Junior Geostix and activity cards will kick-start hours of open-ended play by encouraging kids to use their imagination, to build and to get creative.

GeoStix helps children develop fine and gross motor skills while encouraging creative thinking and expanding problem-solving abilities.

The range is inspired by the various construction materials found in the back corner of most classrooms, including bricks, sticks, cubes, cardboard boxes, foam trays and cardboard tubes.

Step-a-Forest Set

As far as outdoor homsechooling resources go, the Step-A-Forest is a fantastic option that enables both group and individual learning through play.

It allows children to create their own activities while using their imagination, planning and problem-solving skills to design an obstacle course by laying out hoops, barriers, mats, and paths to follow.

Gross motor skills are also honed as they navigate their way through the obstacle course, climbing over and crawling under, walking between objects, rolling across a blanket and jumping through a hoop to the Step-A-Forest.

This toy develops balance, coordination, creative play, critical thinking, gross motor skills and team-building skills when playing with siblings.

Joey Jump Bean Bag Game

Developing hand-eye coordination through active play, the Joey Jump can teach children the invaluable skills of balance, catching and sharing while encouraging physical activity.

Whether they use it indoors or out, children will enjoy practicing this stimulating activity again and again. The Joey Jump requires the active use of arms and legs, which improves muscle strength and children will develop agility as they launch and catch!

What we love about the Joey Jump Bean Bag Game is that it can be enjoyed by kids on their own, or as a group activity.

Homeschooling learning kits for kids

Edx Education works with teachers and education experts to focus on fostering and enhancing learning at home with open-ended play with quality toys and kits.

To learn more about Edx Education go to


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