Parenting changes everything, creating a world full of chaos, love, and many new challenges. “It’s just a phase!” they’ll say, until you realise that parenting is a long series of phases, each seemingly trickier than the next! Leclerc Baby is a brand that understands. They’re on a mission to help parents get the most out of parenthood, with innovative products that complement the family lifestyle, from day one.

Making parenting easier

It’s common to feel frustrated with the expensive baby and toddler kit you’ll feel the need to buy in the first few years of your baby’s life. Most parents at one time or another have felt as though they need at least two sets of hands to change a nappy, or unfold and fold a stroller. Leclerc Baby realise that parents are busy and forever on the move, so they’ve designed a range of pushchairs that fold and unfold at the press of a button. Cue an excited round of applause! Yep, Leclerc’s one-touch auto-folding stroller system is providing a huge hit with parents, and this nifty tech is making life with little ones so much easier.

Compact and lightweight strollers for home and away

With summer in full swing and many adventures ahead of you, getting out and about with your baby will no doubt be on top of your list of things to do. If you’re a first-time parent, you’ll soon realise there’s so much to prepare and take with you, and that’s why choosing a stroller is an important decision. It’s essential to invest in a pushchair that will not only pack a punch in terms of being robust and able to carry all your bits and bobs but is lightweight and compact, so you can travel with ease. And of course, it goes without saying, you’ll need a ride that’s comfortable and safe for your baby.

Leclerc Baby has two great pushchairs available in the UK, the MF Plus and Influencer stroller. Both make a fabulous choice for everyday journeys and being cabin-proof, they’re perfect for summer travel.


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Weighing in at just 6.6kg with brilliant wheel alignment and suspension, Leclerc Baby’s MF Plus and Influencer strollers are designed for city living, village streets and travel.

The Influencer is an agile pushchair for style-conscious parents looking for something compact and practical, yet bold and beautiful. The Influencer boasts a great combination of colours with respect to frame and fabric, as well as an attractive leather bumper bar. The MF Plus benefits from the same innovative functionality as the Influencer and is available in simpler colourways with a leatherette handle, at a slightly cheaper price point.

Leclerc Baby’s range of strollers each has an adjustable 3-position backrest including a lie-flat sleeping position, so whether you’re delayed at the airport, or out for dinner, your baba can sleep soundly and comfortably in a safe space.

Matching stroller accessories for summer

Choosing the best pushchair accessories for summer needs some thought. Are you expecting a newborn? If so, you’ll need to invest in a bassinet. For easy-reach items, an organiser is a brilliant go-to product that you can keep close, with everything you need to hand. A changing bag is a must – it’ll house bottles, changing mats, a change of clothes, wipes, dummys and much more… And a footmuff is a great investment not just for winter, but that late summer evening stroll, when the temperature drops.

Leclerc Baby is a brand that will see you through the adventures of summer into the changing seasons ahead, and the range of accessories is available in eight colours to match your buggy.


Keep your littlest adventurers safe, sound and in view, with Leclerc’s matching bassinet. The crib can attach to every buggy in the range with easy-to-use adaptors. Softly padded on the inside, the spacious and comfy crib offers a dreamy space for your little one to lie flat. Transparent ventilation will keep your baby comfortable in the warmest of weather, and the bassinet’s small legs even allow you to use the crib as a napping space, rocking or standing it on the floor. Perfect for trips away from home.

Changing Bag

Get ready for every adventure!

The Leclerc Baby diaper bag has plenty of storage space and convenient compartments, allowing you to bring everything you need for your child on a trip. There is enough space for your personal items in a large compartment, two small compartments, a bottle holder, and a large compartment with a zipper on the inside. A matching changing mat is also included with the diaper bag.

The bag has an adjustable handle and fastening clips on both sides to easily hang the changing bag on your pram.


Can’t find anything in your bag? Or do you have several bags and do you find it annoying to keep putting all your stuff from one bag into the other? Then this organiser is ideal.

With several compartments, you can stash everything you need perfectly, passports, keys, a nappy and some wipes spring to mind! There’s also a space on both sides for bottle or cup.

Sun Canopy

If you’re planning on a holiday abroad, or are out and about in full sunlight, Leclerc Baby’s sun canopy is a must-have accessory, providing your baby with a haven in the shade.

Offering 50 SPF UV protection, your little one will lounge safely underneath.

The caps can also be swapped out, allowing you to create your own custom colour scheme.

Footmuff Polar

The Leclerc Baby Footmuff Polar is ideal for colder weather, but a footmuff is also super handy if the temperature drops during the summer months. If you’re UK-based for July and August, you’ll know the temperature can drop ten degrees plus in just a few hours, so it’s a nifty accessory to have to hand.

The Polar Footmuff can also be used on warm days by unzipping it and using it as an under blanket.


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