Continuing on in our series of stem challenges, I challenged YC and EC to build Lego wind racers.

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To make your own Lego wind racers you will need:

  • Lego pieces
  • Wooden kebab sticks
  • Paper
  • A big fan

lego wind racers

There were no rules to this; they just had to build something that would travel far and fast. We all spent about an hour creating our perfect Lego wind races.

At first I got hand held fans to use, but these were not powerful enough. You need to use a proper fan. Annoyingly, blade less fans like the Dyson ones don’t really work well for this.

lego wind racers

EC making adjustments to his wind racer.

Before we started the race we all tested out our races. We all learnt a huge lesson here; don’t make it too light or too heavy. If it is too heavy, it won’t go anywhere. If it is too light, it will be blown over. All of use needed to make adjustments to our creations.

lego wind racers

Mine takes an early lead!

When it was finally time to race, we lined them up, counted down and turned the fan on. Mine did pretty well for the first half, and then it went off course and over the side of the table. In the end YC’s made it too the other end first.

But it all ends in disaster for me.

Both YC and EC agreed this was a fun thing to do, and we definitely needed to do a re match in the future.

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Lego Wind Racers: Stem Challenge. Who can build the quickest one?