With superhero fever hitting at the moment we’ve all gone DC Comic mad, and in particular Lego crazy.

I just watched the old Brickumentary, a brilliant and super interesting documentary on the incredible, well loved Lego empire.  My son is five, and it’s without a doubt his all-time favourite thing to play with.  If it’s raining outside or he wants a bit of creative play I tip out our gigantic box of Lego and let him loose. Sometimes he wants me to play with him and other times he just wants to be left alone with his imagination to create something spectacular.  Something I love is that it’s never the same thing, he always builds weird and wonderful objects and machines and we talk about them before falling in to another world of superheros and ‘shooter fighter jet blasters’ whatever they are.

I just showed him this new Lego Tumbler, the ultimate in Batmobiles and he’s sold. Pocket money saving time starts here!