I finally managed to try Francesca’s Liquid Food Day a few weeks ago and my goodness it’s good!  It’s never easy to find a whole day where you can honestly say that nothing but liquid will pass your lips and it’s especially hard when you’re chasing after children.

Having said that, I knew that Francesca’s drinks weren’t your average apple, carrot and ginger number, not even close!  It starts with ‘The Rise and Shine’, which, I have to admit is my favourite.  You can have this cold or warm if you need a bit of comfort.  I love the names and I love the ingredients. It goes on to a cold one then a hot soup and so forth. It’s not cheap at £70 but the ingredients are tip top and she hasn’t cut any corners. The bottles are sleek and chic and are small enough to pop in your bag.

This Liquid Food Day has been designed to rid the body of toxins and hydrate it with all the vitamins and minerals needed to help boost energy, improve circulation and make your skin glow.