I’ve got two very different children. One is a massive sleeper, and the other could live off a mere few hours. I made a decision when they were born that routine was key and I had the same routine for both. 

They sleep 7-7, well, my son does, anyway, while my daughter wakes at 6am and sings to her teddies for an hour before I go in to get her. I was worried about dropping my son’s two and a half hour lunchtime nap, but when he was about three and a half, I noticed that although I put him to bed at 7pm, it was taking longer and longer to actually fall asleep.

I started by cutting it down to an hour’s nap, as friends said that that worked for them, but with my son it’s a bit like all or nothing. He can go for a couple of weeks with no midday sleep now, and he drifts off less than a minute after his head hits the pillow at nighttime and sleeps soundly all night.

I know all children are different, and I think it’s a case of monitoring their sleeping patterns, and adjusting things accordingly. For instance, after a hectic week, my son still sometimes like to revert back to the odd afternoon nap, but don’t we all! 

I have no doubt that when the time comes, my daughter will throw her nap to the wind without looking back.