I used to get the light box out quite a lot of YC when she was younger. I would often put it out in her room during quite time. However we haven’t used it in last few year. The last time we used it it was with window clings. This time our light box activity was glass pebble mandalas.

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You will need:

*you can either use battery operated one or ones with a plug. Christmas tree ones are perfect for this.

To prepare the box use the black paper to cover the sides. Again this part is optional, but I find that it makes the light box better. I covered the lid of the light box with wax paper. Doing this seem to diffuse the light across the whole of the box, creating a more even effect.

Finally add the the glass pebbles.

glass pebble mandalas

YC really enjoyed creating glass pebble mandalas and other pictures. She only got slightly annoyed when BB wanted to get in on the action. Unfortunately this isn’t an activity for him yet. The glass pebbles are a potential chocking hazard and he still likes to but things like this in his mouth. There are plenty of other activities I can do with him and a light box. This just isn’t one of them.

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Light box activity: glass pebble mandalas. A relaxing sensory invitation to play.