This week we interviewed Islington born and bred actress Linda Robson. Linda has been married to husband Mark Dunford for twenty-five years and together they have three children, two girls named Lauren and Bobbie and one son, Louis. Linda is a proud grandmother to two-year old Lila. 

Birds of a Feather was back on our TV screens this year. What was it like to play Tracey Stubbs again, 16 years since the sitcom first finished in 1998?

It was amazing to all be back together again; we had taken part in the Birds’ tour for two years previously, and the audiences loved it. We were worried about coming back to TV after so long, and all very nervous ahead of the first episode, but the response was just amazing.

Was it always your dream to be an actress, and who inspired you?

I fell into acting by accident, there was an English teacher called Anna Scher in our primary school and I was encouraged to start taking acting classes. I went along as it was like a youth club, soon after casting directors starting coming down; we were known as real kids. It wasn’t all about the fame in those days. We took it seriously and loved it, and still do after forty-six years.

You are one of the presenters on Loose Women, what’s it like to be a part of such a successful live daytime show and is it as much fun as it looks?

I love being on Loose Women. I love the gossip in the Green Room and having such different guests on the show – last week we had Roger Taylor from Queen and Michael Ball. We’ve just run a specials show for ‘Text Santa‘ with all the wonderful Marie Curie nurses, my favourite charity as they looked after my mum. I love the women on the show too.

You have three children and you’re also a grandmother. How has parenting changed since you had little ones?

My mum was much stricter with us than I was with my children. We knew the rules and respected for her it. I’m much more lenient and not so good at saying ‘no’ when sometimes I should!

Describe a typical family Christmas in the Robson household.

A typical family Christmas is to wake up, have brekkie, take a visit to the cemetery to see our loved ones, come home cook my Marks & Spencer’s dinner, play games and enjoy our family day all being together!

You are currently playing the Wicked Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Beck Theatre in Hayes. What’s it like to be in a Christmas panto?

I love this year’s panto. It’s based in Hayes. The hard part is learning the script, and learning the lines in such a short time, but it’s worth it and I love it when it’s up and running.

What’s the one baby product you couldn’t have lived without?

The one product I couldn’t have lived without is Sudocrem. It’s the best for looking after baby’s bums and for us mums too!

What’s your favourite family recipe?

My fave recipe is chicken stew with lots of veg, that and chicken broth. It’s about the only dish the whole family eat.

How would you sum yourself up in one sentence?

A bloody good daughter to my mum Rita, a bloody good sister to Debbie and Tina, and good mum to Lauren, Bobbie and my son Louis, and a good nan to my lovely granddaughter Lila.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

My New Year’s resolution is to spend more time with my hubby Mark, my kids and sisters. I’ve had the busiest year ever!