I do like really simple art projects that look like they are harder than they are.  My charges see them, ask about them, then are totally shocked at how easy they are to create, and will then generally try it for themselves.  This line drawing is one of those projects.

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To make your own line drawing you will need:

  • Paper
  • Pens/pencils/felt tips
  • Ruler

Start by deciding what your drawing shape will be.  I gave my rectangle a boarder (I used washi tape to make sure that it had crisp lines, but that is totally optionally).  Then find and mark the centre of your shape.

I used biro type pens for this.  If you use ink pens be careful about smudging the lines as you move the ruler.  If you choose to use felt tip pens, then watch out for creating a hole in the centre of your paper.  You might want to go for a thicker type of paper in that case.

line drawing

When that has all be decided you simple draw lines from one side of the paper to another, making sure that you go through the centre of your shape. You want to fill up as much space as you can.

line drawing

I think the line drawing looks like something from Star Trek or Star Wars when they are travelling at light speed.

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How to create a line drawing that looks like you travelling at light speed.