I can’t say I find it easy designing children’s rooms, but what I’ve learnt over the last couple of years is not to take it too seriously. And that actually, it can be quite fun. 

I love the idea of having an Indian Dhurrie as a good staple for a child’s bedroom. They’re very forgiving of spills and accidents! This Oeuf bed is one of my favourites, my son’s been in a cot for over a year now, and we’ve just taken the sides off and replaced with their nifty ‘conversion kit’. I think this is a clever transition from cot to little-boy-bed without too much disruption. 

I love the idea of the Nursery Paint Company because it’s safe for all little ones and they have such a beautiful selection of colours. I’m a massive fan of this growing trend of wall stickers, they’re not hugely expensive and means that you can transform a room very quickly and relatively inexpensively. A bedside table might not be necessary at this stage, but I like the idea for something to rest a beaker of water and maybe a little clock. I know this mushroom nightlight will make many people yawn, but I had it as a child and I still love it. 

For storage Ikea has to be on my top list, I love this little trunk, boxes and particularly this wall hanging that I would hang behind the door. 

I always think it’s nice to have a bean bag in a child’s room, and this Happycat Beanbag although expensive will last for years. These are just a few staples for a little boys’ bedroom, you could easily do with a chair and a lamp, books and perhaps a few toys, but I’ll leave that up to you. 

Before I sign off, I always finish off a nursery with a selection of Jelly Cats which are my all time favourite teddies.