I first came across the poem of Little mouse when i was flicking through Pinterest years and years ago.  It seemed very sweet, but both my charges new all their colours at that point so I didn’t see the point of making it.  Now that I have BB it is the perfect excuse to make the little mouse busy bag.

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To make your own little mouse busy bag you will need:

  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Bag

Choose as many different colours as you like. I went with 9.  Red, blue, yellow, green, pink, purple, white, black, and orange.  Then choose another colour for your mouse. 

Draw a house outline on your different colours and cut them out.  I tried to make mine all the same so used one as a stencil.  Which is why they all look rather wonky.  

On your final piece of felt draw a little mouse.  It needs to smaller than your houses because you will have to hid it underneath them. 

If you so wish you can decorate your houses and your little mouse. 

How to play the little mouse busy bag

Start by hiding the little mouse behind one of the coloured houses.  Try not to let your little one see though. 

When you are done say the rhyme

The rhyme goes:

Little mouse,

Little Mouse, 

Are you in the [insert colour] house?

At the end pick up the house of the colour you have just mentioned to see if the little mouse is hiding underneath it. 

The little mouse busy bag is such a sweet way to help little ones learn colours.  Plus it makes a great distraction when they are hangry waiting for their food at a restaurant (like BB so often is). 

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Little mouse busy bag great for learning colours