Amelia has been reading and reviewing books for My Baba in the school holidays and when she asked me if I would like a review of her all time favourite Little Women, by L.M. Alcott, I jumped at the chance to hear her thoughts.  It’s such a classic and lovely to know that ten-year-old girls are still enjoying it today.

Meg, or Margaret is the eldest and prettiest of the 4 sisters then it’s Jo or Josephine, she is a Tomboy. The next girl is called Beth or Elizabeth who loves music then last it’s Amy the youngest of the March family and loves art! Altogether they go on adventures. At a ball Jo meets a boy called Theodora Laurence but changed it to Laurie Laurence because people called him Dora! They become friends and are actually neighbours. Mr. March, the father is in war and injured so Mrs. March goes to help but Beth is I’ll and Amy can’t see her in case she gets the illness. Soon Mr. and Mrs. March come home and Beth is better.

If you like this then you should read the second book, Good Wives! (Book by L.M. Alcott)