I know that 4th July has already passed but I thought I would post the Loo Roll Bald Eagles that were inspired by Independence Day.

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You will need:

loo roll bald eagles

Start by painting your loo roll. You will need to paint the top ¼ white and the rest brown. As I always tell my charges “the less paint you use, the faster it will dry”. You can always paint over it to create a bolder colour, but I still stand by the less is more.

loo roll bald eagles

While it is drying cut out some wings, feet, and beak. Paint the wings brown and the feet and beak yellow.

loo roll bald eagles

When everything has dried stick it all onto the loo roll body.

Final add the eyes to your loo roll eagle.

As it was such a hot day when we made ours, we took the activity outside to do. YC decided that she going to call her loo roll eagle Pipsqueak! Which I thought was a fantastic name to give it. Mine is named Sam after Sam Eagle from the Muppets. EC decided that he would much rather play soldiers and march around the lawn singing “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary”. This wasn’t really a craft for BB to join in, but he was happy trying to feed them ice from his water tray table that I had set up for him.

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celebrate July 4th by making some loo roll Bald Eagles.