Does anyone else have little ones that love the program The Dinosaur Train?  We love it at work, so have had a few dinosaur related activities to go with it.  This week’s one, which was a great way to fill up some home-schooling time, was all about making loo roll dinosaurs.

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To make your own loo roll dinosaurs you will need:

  • Loo rolls
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Googly eyes (optional)

loo roll dinosaurs

Start by flattening out the loo roll and drawing your dinosaur design onto half of it.

Next cut it out.  This proved to be far trickier than I thought it would.  So, this part is certainly for adults, rather than for little ones to practice their cutting skills.

loo roll dinosaurs

Open the dinosaurs out so they aren’t quite so flat anymore and then paint them.

Once the paint has dried add some googly eyes.  Or just draw them on if you don’t have any.

BB and I then used ours in an imaginative game, where my T-Rex turned out to be a vegetarian.  It was a fun little activity to do as part of our home-schooling day.

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Loo Roll Dinosaurs